Even though Spring officially sprung last week, the weather says otherwise. It’s still cold and dreary–with imperceptible glimpses of warmer weather starting to peek through. So how can you put your brain on warm-weather mode? By diligently stockpiling cute outdoor accessories, of course! Ahh–can you see the light that is a park picnic at the end of the tunnel?

These essential outdoor items should help you paint a vivid picture of what lies ahead (and prepare you for all of the springtime adventures):

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Picnic basket – $50

There’s nothing like a gorgeous, practical picnic basket to make a day at the park unforgettable. Available on Amazon, this insulated picnic basket will keep your wine cold, and your munchies hot. It also comes with service for four, complete with forks, knives, spoons, wine glasses, and napkins, of course! Food and (multiple bottles of) wine sold separately. Hehe.

Portable hammock – $130

If relaxing in the park alone with a good book is your idea of bliss, a portable hammock is a game changer. This option, available on Amazon (obviously), is the perfect item to help you TREAT YO SELF. It includes a carrying case for easy transport, has a quick set up, and comes with snazzy extras like a canopy to keep you dry in the rain, cup holders, and a pillow. The icing on the cake, though? A cooler to keep a six pack as cold as the weather is right now.

WindPouch – $79

Think of this like the hammock’s lazy cousin. All it takes to blow up is wind – yes, you heard me right. You may look pretty funny trying to catch the gusts, but I promise you, it’s worth it. It’s light, it’s fun, and it’ll ensure that you’ll always have a comfy seat, wherever you go.

Corkicle canteen – $38

Need to keep your water (or wine or beer or whatever you like to drink) cold? Enter the Corkcicle canteen. First off, it comes in a bunch of SUPER interesting colors and patterns, so you know you’ll be the envy of anyone you’re chilling with. (Get it?) Even better, though, is the fact that after you put some ice water in, it’ll stay icy forever. Perfect for hiking – or lounging –  in the heat.

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Happy (outdoor) shopping!