As a marketer, you’d think my BS detector would be super refined when it comes to shopping – but alas, as one of my colleagues says, I am “the biggest consumer on the planet”. I’m a sucker for packaging, I sign up for way too many sweepstakes, and I’ll spend money on just about anything. Okay, so maybe I have a slight shopping addiction–there are worse things, right?

Other than shopping (and food), my other love is animals. If a dog walks past me on the street,I can’t not pet my new best friend. The Sarah McLachlan “In the Arms of an Angel” ASPCA commercial? Let the waterworks begin. Suffice it to say, I love me some animals.

Yesterday, as I was petting my twelfth dog of the day, talking to the owner about how much I love Mr. Spot, she told me about all of these companies that donate proceeds of their sales to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), and that got me thinking. If I’m going to be doing too much shopping anyway, why not do it for a good cause?

So for all you shopaholics out there, if you’re going to be spending some money, at least let it do some good. Here are the three places that let you shop and help make the world a better place:

World Wildlife Foundation

If you’re animal obsessed like me, you’ll want to save as many cuties as possible. It’s a good thing that the WWF has a list of places for you to spend some dough. Here’s a list of stores that donate part of their proceeds to WWF. Where can you find these shops? On eBay! Guess I’m shopping there like it’s 1999!


If you’re on the left side of politics (or love planet earth), you’ll want to get your next rain/sleet/snow gear from Patagonia. Here’s the deal, after the retailer took a stand against Trump’s plan to cut back protections for two national monuments in Utah, sales went up real quick. . Isn’t it nice to know that your hard earned cash is supporting a good socio-political cause? Need more info? Peek at this GQ article to learn more.


Always on the lookout for a good deal? Goodshop to the rescue! Here’s their tagline: “Find the best deals at thousands of stores, and we’ll donate to your favorite charity or school when you shop!” Can’t go wrong. Plus, with almost 13 million bucks already raised by members, you know they’re legit.

See? You’re feeling better already! Make sure you have the Slice app ready so you can see when all your purchases will arrive (and maybe get some money back) and let us know if we missed anything.

Happy shopping for a cause!