According to the fashion industry, “petite” refers to a person under 5’5” – so, as a 5 foot ¾ inch human person, that definition is laughable. People that are 5’5” can comfortably reach a bathroom sink, I, on the other hand, have to tippy-toe it. Here’s the thing about being so pint-sized, typically, I can find shirts just fine, but everything else? Not so much. Walk into (most) stores, and you’ll find a lot of waist sizes – but when you ask about petite sizes, the retail attendants look at you like you just asked for their first born child. Confused.

I went shopping last weekend (thanks, tax refund!) and was ready to drop some dough on spring dresses and pants. That did not happen. Okay, maybe it did, but at the end of the day, the only items in my bag consisted of a couple bras and too many shirts. SAD.

As soon as I got home, I hopped online and did some research. At this point, the only place I knew to shop for petites was Asos (I’ll go into that a bit later), but there had to be other options out there. And, I was right! So, for all you shorties out there, the time of paying too much for tailoring is over. Here’s where you should be shopping:


What it’s good for: coats, dresses, bathing suits… pretty much everything.

J. Crew

What it’s good for: pants


What it’s good for: fancy dresses and flowy skirts

Banana Republic

What it’s good for: work clothes (blazers and pants)

Lord & Taylor

What it’s good for: jackets, pants


What it’s good for: dresses, pants, work attire


What it’s good for: jeans

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Happy (short) shopping!