Living on the third floor of an umpteen year old, railroad-style Brownstone has its ups and downs. My charming Brooklyn apartment still has its original crown molding and chandeliers which are great… but the floors show their age, the wallpaper is reminiscent of a time when flappers roamed the jazz halls, and the railroad layout means that natural light only hits 3.5 spots in my apartment.

Why am I complaining about my first world problem? See, I LOVE greenery in the apartment, but with the weird set up and awkward natural light distribution, it can be hard to keep plants alive. Sure, if I put a planter right by the window it’ll be fine, but I like to keep my place living and breathing. So, with my tax refund coming (thanks, student loans!), I decided to be a big girl and spend some money on plants that could survive, well, anywhere. What I found was very exciting: low light, easy plants are pretty cheap!

So, if you’re looking to develop a green thumb, look no further than this list of greens- these plants are easy to care for and won’t break the bank:


These are literally the easiest plants to take care of. They’re easy to grow, don’t need much light, and can survive for a while without being watered. Espoma has the step-by-step guide to getting started, as well as the 6 easiest-to-grow options.


If you’re looking for a slightly larger plant, check out the Pothos plant. To take care of them, all you need to do is water them once a week and cut off the long stems so the plant can continue to grow. You can get them on Amazon for cheap! Plus, these gems will purify the air in your house – what’s cooler than that?! 


I mean, with a name like that, at least you’ll have a good joke to tell when you have people over! Available on Amazon (of course), this is perfect if you’re looking to grow a giant plant. They require little water, too, which makes for a fool-proof green option.


Okay, I know I made a name joke above, but seriously? Peace Lily? HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? If you’re looking for a flower to keep alive–this is your new best friend. They’re cheap, easy, and don’t need much sunlight. Killing it (NO pun intended).

Still not satisfied? The Today Show has even more options to choose from.

Let us know which plants you’re adding to your urban garden! Shoot us a comment, Facebook post or Tweet and show us your masterpieces. Just make sure you have Slice so you can see when your plants will arrive.

Happy (easy) planting!