Happy Olympics! Oh, I just love this time of the year (every two years) where we get to pretend like the world is fine, and we can watch the best of the best do their thing. Regardless of what you think of the good old U-S-of-A at this point, we’re all for ‘MURICA during the games.

So how can you get in the Olympic spirit… without looking like you’re the champion of the Fourth of July?

Dress the part

Nothing shows off your national pride like wearing it! Team USA has everything you can think of from scarves to sweatpants. Cheering for your team in a comfy USA sweatshirt? What could be better?

Whip up some patriotic munchies (and drinks)

Okay, I know I said something about not looking like you’re going to a Fourth of July party, but I never said anything about cooking! Fill up on some American grub and bam! Can you feel the patriotism running through you? Of course you do. Take a page from our Fourth of July food blog post full of recipes, and bonus: you’ll find red, white, and blue drinks too!

Veg out on USA! USA!

Have you actually watched any of the Olympics? Reading the highlights doesn’t count. This is one of the only times where watching TV means you’re fulfilling your patriotic duty. Beats jury duty, right? Hop onto the NBC Olympics page, take a look at the schedule, get comfy, and watch your favorite sports. Curling? Meh. Figure skating? ALL. DAY.

Social media for the win

You know that rumor about Olympic athletes all hanging out together? Juicy stuff. And the best place to learn about all your favorite stars? The internet, of course! Watch the competitions, find who you’re into, and follow them on whatever social media channel peaks your interest. You’ll learn way more than you think about the games, the drama, and everything in between.

Until next time – Happy Olympics!