I think we can all agree that February is the worst month in the calendar. The excitement of the holidays that got you (us) through the beginning of winter are over, the hardships of New Year’s Resolutions are setting in, and the weather is bleak. So what can we all do to give ourselves a little pick-me-up? Some retail therapy, on the cheap, of course. These gems will get you (us) through the rest of winter:

Bob Ross Coloring Book – $13

Remember when you were a kid, home “sick” for the day?

(Had to) Anyway, you’re a kid, in bed for the day, and the soothing voice of Bob Ross comes on–he’s the safest drug you can take. Well, grown-ups, you can experience that feeling once again and make your very own Bob Ross masterpiece! Just don’t forget the colored pencils!

Cozy winter accessories

It’s one of those blistering cold days. You’re darned in two layers of pants, twelve undershirts, and the warmest jacket you can find. Not the cutest look. Well, the only thing to lift your spirits? Looking cute, obviously. Get yourself a warm, chunky scarf, an adorable hat and some fabulous gloves, and BAM! You’re ready to face the season lookin’ cute. It’s the little things.

Tea subscription box – $27 for three-month subscription

Getting home after a long, cold commute is the worst. If you’re into tea, a three month subscription to the Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company will help you unwind, warm up, and get you ready for a good old fashion Netflix binge – login sold separately.

Unicorn mug – $8

What’s the perfect pairing with your new tea subscription? A unicorn mug! Okay, so you’re more of a coffee person? That’s cool too!. Pour whatever hot beverage tickles your fancy into this beauty, and instantly feel a grin starting to form.

Sephora Clay Mask – $8 each

Being able to unwind and relax inside is key during the winter, and nothing does the job better than a calming face mask (okay, maybe a massage, but that’s pricey). Rub one all over your face, wait 15 minutes, rinse, and throw the cold redness out… in the cold?

Did we miss anything? What do you use to unwind? You know we still could use some help! Shoot us a comment, Facebook post, or Tweet, and make sure you have the Slice app ready so you can see exactly when your gifts are coming.

Happy relaxing!