During the Christmas season last year (what?!), I wanted to get my sister-in-law a set of beautiful, not-too-pricey wine glasses. Easy enough, right? Not so much. As I started my search, I quickly realized that finding a good, universal set of wine glasses is virtually impossible. Should I get stemless? Glasses for white wine? But what about red wine, or bubbly? I went to Home Goods and Pier One to no avail. So, I went online, and found a pretty good option from Crate & Barrel:

Great success! This option is great for red wine–good thing she only drinks ruby. The moral of the story? Unless you’re an entertaining maven, you only need around four glasses, but make sure to get various sets for the different types of wine – it really does make a difference. Don’t believe me? Wine Enthusiast can explain. Here are your best bets:

For white wine, smaller and narrower is the way to go, as it’ll keep the wine colder:

Riedel Veritas Viognier/Chardonnay Glass

Not only are they beautiful, but the shape of the glass helps punctuate the delightful aromas. Just a note: these come in sets of two, so you’ll want to order more than one.

For red wine, larger bowls are a must as they’ll aerate the wine as you’re drinking it:

Williams Sonoma Encore Pinot Noir Wine Glasses

These come in a set of four, so you’re set. Plus, they’re sturdy enough to, well, not break after the first use. Score.

For bubbly, the narrow shape isn’t just for looks – it prevents the wine bubbles from getting flat:

Kate Spade Library Stripe Set

You’re all good with a set of four, but it’s the stripe on top that gives these glasses a certain flare. Bonus: feel fancy knowing you’re sipping on designer glassware.

Now, if Wine Enthusiast didn’t make you a believer, here’s an okay “all-purpose” option:

Libbey Kentfield Estate

Small enough to work with white and wide enough for a good red, it’s your best bet.

Now here’s a bonus: just want a glass for yourself that’ll fit an entire bottle? Of course you do. They do exist!

Had to.

DCI Giant Wine Glass

A whole bottle to get you through long winter nights? We’re into it.

Let us know your favorite glasses (and wines, for that matter). Happy (responsible) drinking!