Watch the Grammys last night? Regardless of what you thought of the wins or nominations, we can all agree that the best part of the show is getting to watch some performances. Ke$ha? Incredible. Kendrick? Phenomenal. So, with live music on the brain, we figured you’d want to find some ways to see when your favorite artists are playing in your area. Of course, there’s always Stubhub and Ticketmaster, but shocker: technology is great, and there’s way more options to see who’s playing:


What it can do:
– $20 off your first purchase (score)
– Find the best price for tickets in your area – if you find a price that’s lower, they’ll give you $200!
– Receive exclusive discounts
– View your seat prior to purchase
– Track artists you want to see, and track prices, too!

Spotify (who knew?)

What it can do:
– Find concerts in your area based on your saved playlists and artists
– Purchase tickets directly from Spotify
– Sort out concerts based on recommendations as well as popular artists


What it can do:
– Purchase tickets in the app
– Track your favorite artists and get alerts when they’re touring near you
– Complete concert tickets in every city
– Ability to shop from hundreds of other ticket sites

Not satisfied yet? App Picker has a bunch more options for you to choose from.

Be sure to let us know which concerts you’re going to – shoot us a comment on the blog, Facebook post, or tweet.

Happy concert-going!