“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aesop

Succinct, but poignant. We’re all about brevity in 2018. This is us, now. Traveling is truly an extraordinary privilege, and if you can–you should. There are some tips and tricks that we’ve picked up as avid travelers, and today, we’d like to share them with you. Here are our top 5 travel hacks for your next big trip.

  1. Find cheap flights – Skyscanner
    Booking your flight is a fairly important part of the travel process, arguably the most important part–eating too much food at your final destination is a very close second. Skyscanner can help with finding the cheapest deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. It scans the web for deals so you can spend more time researching the fun stuff.
  2. Scour the ‘sharing economy’ for affordable accommodations – Airbnb

    Traveling abroad can be a costly endeavor. That’s why you should think about saving some cash by staying in an Airbnb instead of a motel or hotel. Not only can you find an awesome place to stay almost anywhere in the world, but most Airbnb’s have laundry rooms and kitchens so you’ll be able to wash your clothing (pack lighter!) and dine-in (save money!).
  1. Invest in high-quality luggage – Away – Carry-On ($225 & up)

Luggage is an essential piece of the travel puzzle. A plain backpack could work, but we highly recommend a smart suitcase. It’s an investment piece, but brands like Away give you a warranty for life. This seemingly indestructible suitcase has a few nifty features like: separated compartments for clothing and toiletries, a built-in battery to charge any USB device, a nylon laundry bag, a TSA-approved lock, and 360°-spinning wheels.

  1. Pack a multi-purpose jacket – Uniqlo – Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket ($59.90)
    If you’re traveling to an area that has cold (or questionable variances in) weather, then you need a multi-purpose jacket like this one from Uniqlo. It’s ultra warm, compact, portable, waterproof, and easy to layer. You can even fit this into your day bag, as it folds up into a small pouch. The pouch also makes for a nice neck pillow for your flight. You’re welcome.
  1. Save time with multi-purpose products

    Multi-purpose products will save you space in your luggage and, even better, will save you a headache if they come in TSA-friendly volumes. Use products like Egyptian Magic or Vaseline as chapstick, salve for dry skin, cuticle cream, and flyaway smoothers. Bite Beauty Multisticks are perfect for travel, as one multistick can be used as lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush. Coconut oil is another great multi-purpose product. Use coconut oil to remove makeup, deep condition hair, oil-pull for teeth, moisturize skin, improve gut health, and support a healthy immune system.

    This is just skimming the surface for travel hacks and tips, but these are some of our favorite ones. If you’d like to see more posts on what to pack or how to get the best bang for your buck while traveling–let us know! Leave us a comment below and we’d be happy to oblige. Oh, and don’t forget to download the Slice App for your Apple or Android devices. Slice can give you a full view of your online orders–so you’ll know when your travel accessories have arrived. Happy travels!