Traveling is annoying, especially during the holidays. There are pushy people, line cutters, busy terminals, and overpriced food and drink options – but the worst part? The crowded, long flights to get to where we need to go.

So what can you (we) do to make these long flights less painful?

Get comfy and take a nap – take it from someone who travels for work on the regular – getting comfy will make or break your trip.

Here’s a blog post with all the stuff you need to ensure a cozy ride. Rest up, and arrive refreshed!

Start a bullet journal – are you one of those people who has Post-it notes all over your desk, lists upon lists upon lists on your desktop, and a calendar that looks like a treasure map? If so, bullet journaling can be your savior.

Get yourself a pretty notebook and some fancy colored pens, hop onto the Bullet Journal site for a tutorial, and get your thoughts, to-dos, and events together in one place. It’ll take a good portion of your trip to complete, and you’ll arrive feeling accomplished and ready to tackle all of those invasive questions from your great aunt.

Fun-tertain yourself (get it?) – you know the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”? Cliche, maybe, but also true. These activities will pass the time easily:

Do some adult coloring

Remember those markers you bought for bullet journaling? Use those, get a snazzy adult coloring book, and you’re all set.

Start a podcast

Don’t know which one to start? GQ put together the 19 best podcasts of the year.

Read a mystery

There’s really nothing more entertaining than a good mystery to get you through your travels. Take a look at Good Reads best mysteries of 2017, and get to reading!

Feeling better about your next holiday flight? Us, too. Happy holidays from all of us at Slice!