About a month ago, we moved our New York office from the overcrowded, obnoxious Financial District to the overcrowded, slightly less obnoxious Union Square neighborhood. Good change of pace! Sure, there are new lunch spots to try and a new commute to test out, but the biggest change? ALL THE NEW STORES. See, I have a little problem with self control, and Sephora is right across the street. I could see my bank account wincing real quick.

Of course, since I got paid yesterday, I went in and tried to figure out what to purchase, without spending all my money. Now, I know what the prices are at Sephora, but still, I couldn’t get myself to buy a $50 concealer the size of a pen, or a face wash the price of… well, too much. There had to be a better way to get more… for less.

So, I went home and immediately got online. With all the technology these days, there had to be a subscription box I could find that would let me get my beauty fix without ever having to get overwhelmed at Sephora again, right? Enter anxiety. There are SO MANY DIFFERENT subscription options out there – how could I know which one was right for me?

Good thing I get to write this blog – if you’re in the same paradox-of-choice-boat, worry not – I’ve done the heavy lifting and did a little comparison of what all the different beauty subscription boxes have to offer. Here we go:


Started by Michelle Phan, YouTube makeup artist extraordinaire, not only does Ipsy send makeup goods (aptly named the “Glam Bag”), but they also have instructional videos, articles, and everything in between to make sure you look your best. Plus, signing up is free, so you can watch tutorials without buying anything.
What do you get? After you set up your beauty profile, 5 personalized makeup products, from the likes of Urban Decay, Benefit, and Josie Maran, just to name a few.
What’s the price? $10 per month


Based in Seattle, Julep is your one-stop shop for everything nails. Their offerings are always fun, new, and on-trend, and their packaging is pretty gorgeous. Think everything that comes with a manicure, without having to tip.
What do you get? Once you fill out a quiz (of course), you’ll get your first order. After that, you can choose whatever you want in your monthly box. They’ve got polish, hand cream, scrubs, and everything you need for flawless hands.
What’s the price? You have two options here:
My Maven – $40+ worth of polish and product at $25 a month, or $20 a month with a three-month prepaid subscription
Maven Luxe – $60+ worth of products for $40 a month, or $35 a month with a three-month prepaid subscription


I mean, to start, it’s owned by Dermstore, and with a name like that, you know what you’re in for. If you’re the type to stay home from work if you’re having a bad skin day, this is your new best friend.
What do you get? Every month is different, but every box comes with a collection of top-notch skin care products, hand picked by beauty experts. November offers a skin-finishing serum, a facial cleanser, a mask, and several other products you’d get with a facial. Plus, they’ll throw in an extra gift with every box. Yay freebies!
What’s the price? Either $35 for one month or $25 for a monthly subscription


Shtrands knows (as I’m sure we all do) that every person’s hair is different and has different needs. Their team is comprised of veteran hairstylists as well as cosmetic chemists, and they really believe in what they’re doing. Plus, really into the name. Just saying.
What do you get? After filling out a questionnaire (again, obviously), you’ll get a personalized hair regimen including four products, as well as a handwritten card with instructions and tips on how to use all the products you receive.
What’s the price? Either $59 every two or three months, or $149 for a six month plan

What did I miss? Girl could always use some more ideas. Throw us a comment, or shoot us a tweet or Facebook post! Thanks in advance and happy shopping!

P.S. If you don’t have the Slice app, you need to – how else will you know exactly when your box will arrive?