I wouldn’t call it an addiction per se, but I definitely have an intense fondness for online shopping. The convenience, the perceived time-saving, the suspense of “will it fit?”–what’s not to love? Online shopping would be an innocuous hobby, if not for the price tag. Am I right?
Thankfully, for online shoppers like us (✊*solidarity*), there are ways you can game the system and save money. Here are five hacks for your next online shopping expedition:

1. Sign-up for email discounts
Most retailers have promotional discounts when you sign-up for an email newsletter (yay). The only problem is that retailers will send too many promotional emails your way to foster the “shop here, always” relationship (boo). Don’t worry, we found a way to make this relationship sustainable. If you download the Unroll.Me app, you can subscribe to all the retail emails you want, and then roll all of these emails up into one newsletter. So if/when you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, you know which email to look at and you can search for offers at your fave merchants.

2. Look out for price drops
Slice can help you with this shopping hack! The Slice app will notify you when it finds a potential price drop from items you’ve recently purchased. You can even request a refund through the app. It’s ingenious, really (not-so-humblebrag). You should receive an email from the merchant acknowledging the price adjustment (if applicable), and a refund will be on its way.

3. Sign-up for a cash-back site
You can legit make money while you shop. I tried this with Ebates, and have been getting monthly kickbacks for shopping at my favorite online stores. The Ebates desktop extension even populates promo codes into your cart for additional savings! Some stores offer over 7 percent cash back on your purchases–think of all the additional shopping you can do with that money.

4. Keep items in your cart
We have another price drop tip! Keep your wish list items in your cart, and you just might get an email notification if the retailer has dropped the price. Not all online stores do this, but it can’t hurt to try. Target is notorious for price drop notifications.

5. Plan splurges around big holidays
Seasonal sales are kind of like getting sick after a plane ride–almost always guaranteed. If you have some expensive items you’d like to purchase, it would be wise to wait until a major holiday. Some of the best times to shop online: Cyber Monday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and New Year’s Day.

From one fellow online shopping fan (not addict) to another, I truly hope these hacks save you some cash. Also, be sure to download the Slice app for your Apple or Android device. Slice can give you a full view of your online orders, and even alert you when prices drop. Shop smarter with Slice!