Shopping guides are helpful, and exceptionally so, when they are informed by cold hard facts–aka data. Using Slice Intelligence’s online shopping panel, we went bargain shopping for you, pulling out Fall bargains like we were attacking a sales rack. What did we find? Based on historical purchase data, we can expect price drops in three key areas for Fall: bracelets, board games, and bedding. Ah yes, the three Bs for a perfect autumn day.  Sorry Pumpkin Spice, Fall is all about getting cozy indoors and accessorizing your wrists.

Buy Some Bling

Our data shows that items in the “Jewelry & Watches” category, specifically bracelets and watches, show significant declines in price in Fall compared to summer! So if you’re the market for some bling for yourself or your loved ones, may we suggest a shopping spree during the autumnal equinox?

Unconvinced? We looked at some of your favorites brands for more insight on this cheaper bling trend for fall. Zulily (21.3 percent decline), Kate Spade (20.3 percent decline), and Macy’s (20 percent decline) are the retailers with the historically lowest prices for bracelets and watches during the fall season. Brands at Macy’s such as: Anne Klein, Burberry, and Michael Kors had items with some of the highest price drops in the watches category.

Upgrade Your Bedding

Our data also shows us that the best time to upgrade your bedding is in the Fall. Transition from breathable summer bedding to the equivalent of three bears hugging you for the colder months. In the “Home & Kitchen” category, specifically in bedding, Zulily (23.6 percent decline), JCPenney (23 percent decline), and Wayfair (20.6 percent decline) are the stores with the historically lowest prices.

Board Games for (F)All

Prepare for the colder months in advance by adding a few board games to your collection. If you’re into saving some money, the stores with the historically lowest prices for  
board games & table top games include Target, Walmart, and ToysRUs. Games in these stores typically dropped by 10.5% to an average of $16.81.

For the best shopping deals this Fall, look no further than the three Bs: bracelets, bedding, and board games. We couldn’t picture a better fall date than cozying up in new plush bedding and playing board games by the fire. Loser gets to buy some bling for the winner–it’s only fair.