I thought being an adult meant drinking Martinis at lunch and making more money than I could stuff into a clawfoot bathtub. Instead, most of my grown-up life has been spent trying to figure out how to watch movies online for free, so I can afford to eat food AND pay my water bill in the same month. How do people successfully navigate through the murky “I should add more fiber to my diet” waters of adulthood?

Well, since life is devoid of an instruction manual, I have compiled a list of five ESSENTIAL mobile apps that will help you “adult”- and stuff. All of these apps are available for iOS and Android devices:

Google Assistant

How many times have you missed an appointment or neglected to move your car on street cleaning day? If your answer is “never”- just leave now. You may have even whispered – between audible sobs – “I really need a personal assistant”. Well, Google listened, and has provided their version of a virtual assistant for FREE. Google Assistant can help you across all of your smart devices (Android, iPhone, Google Home). This app can help you manage tasks via text or voice, and can help you live a more efficient life. Add appointments to your calendar, open Apps, toggle between WiFi and Bluetooth, and you can even do these things while offline. Your assistant will literally read the news to you every morning if you ask it to. “Okay Google, tell me how to live…”
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Two defining characteristics of most well-adjusted adults are: having a savings account and having a streamlined inbox. Unroll.Me is an app that can help with the latter. The premise is simple: download the app, swipe right to keep email subscriptions, left to unsubscribe, and up to consolidate your subscriptions into a daily digest called the “Rollup”. This is by far the most satisfying “swiping app” that actually provides value to my life (sorry, Tinder) in the form of giving me back some precious time. Being a high-functioning adult is all about uncovering pockets of time in your day by using apps like Unroll.Me, and using that extra time to live your best life. The app is now available for iPhone AND Android users.
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Having your finances in order is the most responsible and “adult” thing you can ever do – it’s very difficult and you will cry, but apps like Mint can help minimize the amount of tissue you’ll need to buy. Mint, an Intuit app, can help you organize and budget your money. The app connects to your bank account(s) and monitors all activity including: purchases you’ve made, deposits, withdrawals, when bills are due, and how much fast food you ate last month (tsk, tsk). Within the app you can set your budget and create goals like: allotting yourself a $150/month budget for dining out or the goal of saving $900 for a vacation. You can also set up Mint notifications so that when you’ll receive an alert when you’re financially misbehaving, and you’ll be shamed back into submission.
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Being healthy is yet another “adult” achievement, and while there are many ways to go about it, Seconds can help with the active portion. Seconds is a training app that comes with templates for common interval programs like HIIT, Tabata, and circuit training. The app helps you time your workout down to the second (get it?). For example, if you only have ten minutes to work out, you can portion out your time between two sets of 30-second crunches, sit-ups, planks, wall sits, and jumping jacks. The app will speak your interval names so you can jump right into the next exercise without having to look at the screen. No sweat-time wasted; achievement unlocked.
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I bet you thought being an adult meant never having to learn anything new ever again. Well,
we were both wrong. If anything, keeping your brain sharp and expanding your breadth of knowledge is even more important to do as an adult. Stay efficient and well-read with an app like Audible. Audible lets you listen to books narrated by your favorite celebrities, informative podcasts, stand-up comedy routines, and more. Never again will you have to say “I wish I had more time to read”. If you have a commute, Audible will completely elevate your travel experience. The best part? If you already have an Amazon Prime account, your Audible membership is already paid for. Give it a go, and expand that big, beautiful brain of yours.
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We hope that this list of essential mobile apps will help you be the most adult-adult there ever was. Cheers to adulthood efficiency, my friend. And here’s a bonus app for all of you responsible online shoppers out there. Be sure to download the Slice app for your Apple or Android device. Slice can give you a full view of your online orders, and even alert you when prices drop. Shop smarter with Slice! Happy adulting!