Ahh, fall. A season synonymous with Pumpkin Spice Lattes, leggings, and boots. The word “basic” may come to mind – and we’re cool with that. Comfy clothing and festive drinks? Happy to be a part of it. Now, other than the basics (get it?), this season (and next) is all about indulging in creature comforts like: soft blankets to keep you warm during a Netflix binge, a good book to get you through the misery of leaving work in the dark, and a hearty meal to warm you up – ahh.

With the temperature dropping, it’s time to put on your stretchy pants and eat some hearty grub. And what’s the most comforting meal you can make? Soup, of course! Here’s the great thing about soup: whip up a batch, and you’ve got yourself lunch for the week, and a container of leftovers to freeze for a lazy night down the line.

Looking for recipes? We’ve got the four best “slurpable” soups below. But baby steps. Before you start cooking, make sure you have a good thermos to take with you to work – a meal prep essential. Here’s our favorite option:

Thermos Stainless King

It comes in two different sizes, a foldable spoon, and it’ll keep your soup hot. It’s also just really pretty.

So you have your lunch vessel – just make sure you pick up some containers for freezing leftovers!

Okay, you’ve got the necessary accompaniments. Onto the recipes!

Split Pea and Ham Soup – recipe courtesy of Seriouseats.com

This may not look the most appetizing, but it is as tasty as can be. Salty, creamy, and not too fattening, it’s some of the best soup you can have. Pro-tip: if after a few days it looks like a different color, worry not! It’s still just as edible as right when it finished cooking.

Carrot Coconut Soup – recipe courtesy of Bon Appetit

Ahh, a prettier option! Bright, just spicy enough, and oh-so-creamy, this is the soup to turn non-carrot lovers around. Bonus: your lunch will be the envy of the office. Win.

Slow Cooker Smoky Black Bean Soup – recipe courtesy of Women’s Day

If you don’t have a slow cooker, go ahead and order yourself one. It’ll change the way you think about cooking (hint: it requires putting stuff in a pot, then forgetting about it). Once you’ve got your slow cooker out, make this soup. It’s deliriously delicious just the right amount of hearty, and it freezes well. Make sure you tell us how it went!

Chicken Noodle Soup – recipe courtesy of Smittenkitchen.com

Nothing is more comforting and soul-soothing than chicken noodle soup. Dubbed Smitten Kitchen’s “My Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup,” it’s right on. It does take a little more work than your average chicken soup, but it is worth it.

Hungry yet? Happy eating! And we know we definitely missed some gems – let us know your favorites!