Happy National Dog Day! Sure, for us pup owners, every day is dog day – but a dedicated 24 hours to pampering our furry friends? Phenomenal.

Now that we’re on the same page, onto the fun stuff. Sure, you can get some great treats or organic food to whet Rover’s palate – and for ideas there, we’ve got a blog post with everything you need. But here’s something more fun (and fabulous) – beautiful, practical dog collars, leashes and tags! Excited yet?

Etsy is a great place to start – and these are some of their best:

Personalized leather dog collar – $35

Can’t get much swankier than genuine leather, right? Plus, it’s handcrafted. Even classier.

Marble dog collar – $25-$32

This is the perfect option for your princess (or prince)! The color will look just fabulous next to any color fur, and you can choose both the color buckle and chain. Gold on gold? Sadie says YES.

Cotton rope leash – $32.63

Can’t get any better for the nautical pup. Handmade, of course, and with two different finishes, they’ll fit right in with the fam on your next beach trip.

Hand stamped dog tag – $13.50

Hipster pets (and “owners”), this one’s for you. Coming in bronze, nugold, and brushed aluminum, you’ll get that oh-so-cool weathered look, on the cheap. And it’s handmade, though you’ve probably never heard of them (get it?)

Dogids.com is another great resource. Though some of their options can get a bit pricey, they all come with a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re getting a great quality product. Here are our favorites:

Aurora artisan padded leather dog collar with nameplate – $70

It’s handcrafted, it’s bedazzled, and it’s practical enough to have a name plate with all the necessary information. No dog tag needed, and fanciest enough for even the most refined dogs.

Embroidered karate belt leash

Made of recycled karate belts, this is perfect for anyone who’s ever dabbled in martial arts. Recycling always feels good, and if you’ve never held a karate belt, they are STRONG, which means they’ll work for the… lively pet.

Zodiac dog tag – $15

Into astrology? What about your DOG’S horoscope? If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, these zodiac dog tags are the perfect option.

Still haven’t found what you need? California Collar Company may be just what you’re looking for.

They’re all handmade, and inspired by a dog named Mija, their “muse”. California Collar Company has collars, food, tags, accessories, and pretty much any other fancy item to pamper your pup with.

Let us know your favorite boutique dog shops, dog collars, or just share pictures of your pups – we can’t ever get enough! And be sure to download the Slice App for your Apple device or Android device, if you like being alerted to price drops and having a full view of your online orders.