Adulting is hard. Jobs, budgets, to-do lists, responsibilities… I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it. With only so many hours in the day, it often feels like we don’t have time to just relax, or do whatever it is that floats our boats.

People, first off, WE GOT THIS! Sure, we may not be able to quit our jobs and travel the world, become the next star athlete, or win the lottery, but we still CAN treat ourselves.
Moving on.

Don’t know where to start? We got you:

Seat massager pad $159

Work is work – and long days sitting in an office chair can be pretty terrible for your back. This gem will get all the knots, and for those AC blasting days, a heating pad is super helpful. Ahhhh.

Chunky throw blanket – $79

Enough using your bedspread as a couch blanket. Be a big kid and snag an oh-so-cozy, chunky throw blanket. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a good Netflix binge (login not included).

Lounging robe – $98

Whether you’re getting dressed, undressed, or just getting cozy, a lounging robe is an adult’s version of snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug. Instant unwinding.

Ipsy subscription box – $10 per month

We all know that great new makeup smell (get it?) – well, this is the gift that keeps on giving! For $10 per month (what’s that, one lunch?) get five new beauty products to your door. Treat yo self again and again!

Diptyque candle – $64

Nothing, and I mean nothing, says luxury like a Diptyque candle. They’re fancy, they smell delicious, and they last longer than you think. Plus, they’re Parisian. How could you treat yo self better than with this beaut?

Great headphones – prices vary

At this point, most phones come with some sort of headphones – but have you noticed how quick they break? Pick up a great, comfy set and treat yo self to high quality sound all day. Don’t know where to start? Worry not – our blog post has you covered.

Cooling sheet set $159

If you find yourself waking up way too hot every morning, give yourself the gift of these Sheex cooling sheets. They’re cosy, comfy, and will ensure that you rise on the right side of the bed. Don’t we all deserve that?!

Okay people, that should do it! Make sure you download the Rakuten Slice app to know when your treats are arriving, and remember, TREAT YO SELF. We all deserve it.