Why do we all (or at least most of us) love Game of Thrones so much? Is it the dragons? The fighting? The sensuality? The girl power? Sure, all of these are parts of the reasons we tune in, but I have a theory: we binge GoT because we just love being in that world. Whether you read the books or not, we can all agree that there’s something special about leaving the 21st century and taking it back to “olden” times, fantasy storylines or not.

Okay, so we’re all on the same page: the show is awesome. But you know what’s even more awesome? Hosting a Game of Thrones viewing get-together. The show-inspired favors, food and drink will get you even more enveloped into that world, and there’s nothing better than being able to feel that shock when something crazy happens with other people in the room. Sound good? Take notes.

Which house are you? You know you’ve already taken that Buzzfeed quiz. Once you know your ally, pick up a house banner on Amazon – if nothing else, it’ll stir up some good conversation right when people get to your humble abode.

Stark’s rule!

Think Medieval Times (the place, not the time, obviously):

Dinner is coming plate: $28

Get it? Like winter is coming? So ‘punny’.

Copper mug with dragon handle: $40

The Khaleesi would only drink out of the finest copper, right? And with a dragon handle? Game over. (Get it?)

Did you know that there is a Game of Thrones cookbook? I KNOW. But what’s better? If you don’t want to make that purchase, tons of  show-inspired recipes are online at innatthecrossroads.com! Peruse at your will, but here are the best options for a dinner feast:

Bread and Salt

Recipe: http://onslice.co/2tK1shF

Dothraki Blood Pies

Recipe: http://onslice.co/2eNF7ZP

Ginger Soup

Recipe: http://onslice.co/2v7KNF4

A Dornish Meal

Recipe: http://onslice.co/2tJKzni


Recipe: http://onslice.co/2uZgOOD

Sure, there are tons of options to choose from here, but we did the legwork to find the best one:

The Night Watch

Recipe: http://onslice.co/2uXzrDa

And there you go. Need some more inspiration? Brit+Co has even more options for you to choose from. Happy watching!