Father’s Day – a time to celebrate the most important man in your life, DIY-fiascos and rancid jokes included, and acknowledge what makes him truly special. No one is stopping you from running to the supermarket 15 minutes before Daddy dearest wakes up to pick up a crate of his favorite craft brew before heading home and serving breakfast in bed like you did last year, and the year before that. But this year, why not spice things up with these truly hip gadgets that will keep him occupied for weeks to come?

Gifts for the aspiring microbrew magician:

What’s the only thing Dad’s love more than shouting useless pieces of half-remembered advice during their child’s T-Ball game? Cracking open a cold one of course! Here are two boozy gifts that will make his Father’s Day one may never remember but certainly won’t forget!

The BottleLoft ($38):

Nothing gets between a man and his beer – not even the ridiculously overpriced fresh produce you just purchased from the local farmer’s market. Put a stop to his tomfoolery and end the never-ending fridge space battle with BottleLoft. Give the gift of peace of mind with these practical magnetic strips that keep his beer cold, secure and out of the way!

West Coast Style IPA Brewing Kit ($40):

Make dreams come true this Father’s Day with this one gallon IPA brewing kit from Uncommon. For just $40 dollars, you could help him transform your kitchen into a veritable brewery. We promise, the look of pure unadulterated joy will almost make up for the frothy pans and general mess he will inevitably end up making.

In need of a little more gin-speration? (Dad jokes are the best) Here is a complete list of booze-tastic gifts that he will adore!

Gifts that will last a lifetime:

Searching for a gift that goes beyond the bottom of a bottle, let’s look at what Dad may not know he wants but definitely needs this Father’s Day we these unusual gifts!

AncestryDNA Report ($79):

Looking for a gift that he’ll appreciate for years to come? AncestryDNA helps him unlock his origin story by breaking down his heritage into easy to read charts and geographic diagrams. All it takes is one quick cotton swab and the rest is history! While this test is expensive, it is something that he certainly won’t forget, and definitely will appreciate.

Force1 UDI Drone ($109):

Finding a drone under $200 dollars that is worth flying is a tough task. However, the highly rated Force1 UDI drone boasts a respectable $109 price tag and comes replete with VR headset, HD camera and remote control. Despite the formidable price tag this drone will let Dad explore his creative side by enabling him to take photos and videos in 720p! All while soaring over the neighborhood and terrifying the local avian population!

Gifts that will help him in the long run

Sick and tired of Dad’s one-day diets? Fed up with his quinoa smoothies and probiotic health shots? Save yourself the headache this Father’s day with these fitness gifts that promise to help him shed those extra pounds without driving you up the wall!

FitBit Alta ($139):

Give the gift of health this Father’s Day with this lightweight, stylish fitness tracker. The FitBit Alta will help Dad get his butt off the couch and onto the track with friendly step-count reminders. Helping him stay on top of his fitness is a gift that will keep on giving, and will stay with him long after the cards and wrapping paper have been thrown out.

Ultimate Summit iPhone Armband ($9):

Looking for a cheap gift that he’ll use every day, the Ultimate Summit armband is the perfect choice! At only $9 dollars this armband is extremely reasonably priced and will let Dad take his 80’s jam-pop tunes with him wherever his heart desires. From running to rowing and Depeche Mode to Duran Duran this armband will serve as a constant companion for a fit Father looking to revamp his workouts.

Need some more fitness gifts? Here’s a list of nine more of the hottest gadgets of 2017! And if you’re still not satisfied, head on over to our Pinterest board, which has even more inspiration. Happy (almost) Father’s Day!