You’re at the airport, ready to board, when you get the news that your flight has been delayed three hours. You’ve already eaten your pre-flight meal and bought your plane snacks, and now you’re stuck. You could do some work on your computer or call a friend but your computer and phone are dying, real quick. Sure, there are outlets on the plane, but until you board, there isn’t much you can do if you haven’t snagged one of the few outlets in the gate area.

Here’s another scenario for you: you get to your destination and your checked luggage is nowhere to be found. We’ve all been in these situations and I bet we’re willing to do anything to avoid them in the future. Well, with summer travel starting fast approaching, pick yourself up a piece of smart luggage and never worry about idle time at the airport or losing your luggage again. Here are the best of the best:


How much is it? $331
Where can you get one?
What are its best features?
An integrated app for remote locking

  • A great battery for all your smartphone charging
  • Self-weighing capability
  • GPS tracking so you never lose your bag again
  • A two-year warranty
  • A water-resistant shell to protect from rainy transporting


How much is it? $349.99
Where can you get one? At
What are its best features?

  • A dropdown tray attached to the handle that fits a laptop perfectly for while you’re waiting for your flight
  • A collapsible feature that turns the suitcase into a storage bag for easy stowing under the bed
  • A two-cup holder for easy pre-flight drinking
  • A portable battery which can charge up to five phones at a time
  • Self-weighing capability
  • A location tracker


How much is it? $295
Where can you get one? At
What are its best features?

  • A built-in charger for up to four smart phones
  • 2 USB ports for even more power when needed
  • Exterior material to will protect your luggage
  • Pockets galore for easy organization
  • GPS location technology
  • Self-weighing capability
  • An app that will provide helpful, relevant trip tips, like finding the best route to get to the airport, the weather at your destination, and approximate TSA wait times

Now that you’ve gotten smart with your luggage, make sure you pack right! Our packing pro-tips should do the trick.

Happy (smart) travels!