Have you ever added up how much you spend on buying lunch each week? If you’re one of the lucky ducks that gets your mid-day meal paid on your company’s tab, we congratulate you. For the rest of us, though, making and bringing lunch will save you major cash – according to Forbes, almost $1,000 buckaroos every week, to be (almost) exact! And since we’re in spring, buying and preparing seasonal ingredients will definitely lower your calorie intake – which is a major help in getting ready for swimsuit season.

The first step in getting yourself amped up for bringing lunch is to pick up a lunchbox that gets you excited – and to help you find your favorite, Buzzfeed read our minds and found some pretty stellar options.

I mean, a gummy bear shape? I’m excited already.


AsparagusCheese Curd, Asparagus, and Prosciutto Pasta Salad

Why it rocks: Pasta salad is easily transportable, and you can’t go wrong with meat and cheese, right?
Who’s got the recipe: Serious Eats

Artichoke Chicken with Artichoke Pan Sauce

Why it rocks:
If you’re not a fan of asparagus alone, dredging it in a delicious pan sauce should change your mind.
Who’s got the recipe: Myrecipes.com

Carrot Ginger-Carrot Soup

Why it rocks
: Ginger is super-duper healthy, but also a flavor game changer. Combine that with caramelized onions, and you’ve got a perfect soup on your hands.
Who’s got the recipe: Better Homes and Gardens

ArugulaEgg, Arugula, and Herb Tartine

Why it rocks: Making each part of the recipe separately and putting it all together at your desk will have you feeling fancy all day.
Who’s got the recipe: thekitchn.com

RadishSpring Carrot, Radish, and Quinoa Salad with Herbed Avocado

Why it rocks:
Putting together two spring ingredients? Win win.
Who’s got the recipe: Cookieandkate.com

Spring OnionsAsparagus and Caramelized Spring Onion Saute

Why it rocks:
The combination of caramelized, gooey onions and crunchy, bright asparagus is phenomenal, and another double ingredient win!
Who’s got the recipe: Slimpalate.com

SpinachParmesan Spinach Cakes

Why it rocks: Spinach is a superfood but can be a little overpowering in terms of flavor. Pairing it with parmesan and putting it in a cake? Game changer.
Who’s got the recipe: Eatingwell.com

Peas French Spring Vegetable Stew

Why it rocks
: This is the ultimate in a seasonal lunch – plus, it’ll make enough for multiple meals, so even more money saved!
Who’s got the recipe: Saveur.com

So you have your mains. Now for the snacks – and what better healthy, seasonal option than fruits in Spring?! They’re great on their own, but for some fancier options, here are your best bets:

StrawberriesGreek Yogurt with Honey and Strawberries

Why it rocks
: It’ll provide just enough sweetness to perk you up after your mid-day lull.
Who’s got the recipe: food.com

PineapplesCarrot Pineapple Slaw

Why it rocks
: Combining a seasonal veggie with a perfectly tart fruit? Can’t go wrong.
Who’s got the recipe: cookinglight.com

OrangesOrange and Parsley Salad

Why it rocks: I mean, just look at it! Can a snack get any more beautiful!?
Who’s got the recipe: Marthastewart.com

CherriesPickled Cherries and Cucumbers

Why it rocks:
It’s a great lunchtime snack, but you can also pair it with a great cocktail after work!
Who’s got the recipe: brooklynsupper.com

MangoesPineapple Mango Salsa

Why it rocks: Remember the combination of springtime veggies? This is even better.
Who’s got the recipe: yummly.co

Let us know which recipes you make! Happy eating!