With Daylight Savings starting on Sunday night (2 AM to be exact), “Springing Forward” will be in full effect. The good: light(er) nights! The bad: less sleep. Though you’re losing an hour, you still can have deep, restful slumbers, with happy, right-side-of-the-bed mornings. How?

FALL ASLEEP – AND STAY ASLEEP – EASIER – we’ve all had those nights where we’re tired, our heads hit the pillow, and BAM! The to-do list begins. Insomnia central. So, with less hours to sleep, getting to bed on time is even more important. If this sounds familiar, try one of these:

Sleep mask – I live in an apartment with tons of natural light, and in a city, it never ends. Sure, I can buy myself some blinds, but a cheaper and easier option?  A cozy sleep mask.

If you’re feeling fancy, this beauty from Urban Outfitters will have you looking like a star. Green room not included. For some other options, the Amazon (obviously) bestseller list should get you covered. Bonus: the next time you fly, you’ll be one step ahead of the game!

Ear plugs – now, this one isn’t for everyone. If you sleep next to a big-time snorer, though, a good pair will save you.

Mack’s Earplugs are silicone and will contour to your ear. No more annoying snoring!

Soothing sounds – putting on some relaxing sounds or guided meditations can be the difference between a busy mind and a clear one.

If you’re a Spotify user, take a look at their sleep genre. Chock full of different, soothing playlists, there’s sure to be one for you. On the other hand, the Pacifica app is a phenomenal tool, with both relaxing soundscapes to choose from as well as a sleep meditation exercise that’ll clear your mind.  Plus, if you’re an anxious being like me, their other guided meditations will help you in any situation you need.

So you fell asleep – what can you do to make sure you WAKE UP RESTED?

Download a good alarm clock – enough with the typical blaring sounds. Take a look at the GottabeMobile best alarm clock app list, find the one that sounds best for you, and wake up easier. Wake Alarm Clock is top notch.

Lemon water is your best friend  – chugging a lemon water right when you wake up (on an empty stomach) will give you an energy spike, both physically and mentally for the whole day. Wait fifteen minutes to allow for your stomach to absorb all the nutrients, and you’re ready for some breakfast!

Happy Daylight Savings, people! Yay for sleeping well!