As a kid, I had the whole luck thing down to a science. A typical conversation with the parental units:

Me: “Mommy (or Daddy, depending on the ask), can I have extra dessert?”
Mom or Dad: “If you’re lucky!”
Me: “I’m lucky!”
Now, whether or not it actually worked all the time, in my head, of course, it did.

As I got older, this banter from my precocious self became less cute and real life set in. The “I’m lucky!” thought left my brain.

Cut to today: St. Patrick’s Day. Synonymous with the color green and four leaf clovers, this morning, I had a lightbulb moment: why not do the “I’m lucky” thing, but put it into practice for my adult self? So, I did my research, and found that it came down to these pillars:

Be social and ready to mingle. There are two parts to this one:

1. Traveling soon? If you’re taking a long trek in the near future, instead of utilizing your noise-cancelling headphones or checking off everything on your to-do list for the whole trip, start mingling with the human sitting next to you. You never know – Mr. or Ms. 21B may be the CEO of a company you’ve been dying to work for or the love of your life! That being said, make sure you don’t look like a bum and take a peek at our travel attire checklist.

2. Remember all those friends you used to have? Give them a call! All too often, life gets in the way, we get tired and stop reaching out. Selfishly, keeping in contact with an old best friend from college could help your career. Even if that doesn’t happen, though, your pals will be there when you’re having a bad day, need a shoulder to cry on, or take on babysitting duties instead of you paying for a sitter on date night. Lucky? I think so.

Technology is your friend. These sites and apps will do the trick:

1. Slice Watch – Drooling over an item but can’t handle the price? Download the Slice Watch Google Chrome extension, click the little eye button mid-swoon (on a supported site), and when the price goes down, we’ll let you know so you can make the purchase. Luck, made.

2. Slice Drops – Splurged on that piece you needed? Download the Slice Drops app, and if the price goes down, we’ll help you get the difference refunded. Free money = free luck, am I right?

You can never stop learning! Two tips, here:

1. Who likes to go to networking events? Nobody, but doing some good old fashion schmoozing could be the key to giving you some luck. Go to your Alma Mater’s mid-week soiree. Take your boss up on registering for some conferences. While this may not be the most fun activity you’ll do, meeting like-minded people can only help in the long run.

2. Is reading/watching/taking in new information worth it? Absolutely. If you’re trying to gain new skills at work, do a little research and find a good book to teach what you need to know. Door opened. How about those documentaries on Netflix that you keep skipping over? Find one that interests you and give it a shot. I promise, it’ll come in handy at your next dinner party, networking event, or plane ride with a stranger.

Bonus: Sure, you can always get luckier, but you know what? Chances are, you already are. Take a ride down social-media memory lane, and I promise you, you’ll feel luckier just looking back at all the good times you’ve had.

Did I miss anything? What do you do to make your own luck? Let us know! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, people!