Remember the good old days when you were a kid and Valentine’s Day consisted of cute, scratch-off, lottery-sized cards, given out during school? Oh, how youth is wasted. Now a days, most V-Day gifts either involve over-priced flowers, a mediocre box of chocolates, and/or a cliché teddy bear. Sure, there may be a romantic dinner involved, but more often than not, if you’re in a relationship, it really just makes for an excuse to eat some fancy food at a fancy restaurant. Fine, the meal part doesn’t suck – but the rest of it? Time for a Valentine’s Day gifting spruce-up.

So find the restaurant, make the reservation, and then listen up (unless you’re cooking at home – if that’s the case, check out these killer recipes).

Whatever the gift, a card is a must.

This is the (a) time to get mushy. Sure, you could go to your local drug store and pick up a typical Hallmark card, but… boring. For more interesting options, Huffington Post has 17 ideas that should peak your fancy. If those don’t do the trick, this beauty from Etsy is a great choice.

Okay, you have your card – time for the gifts. For these, think fun, unique, and something you both can enjoy. This isn’t a birthday!

To start, Real Simple’s list is pretty great, with a bunch of unusual, cheap-ish choices that’ll make everyone happy.

A scratch-off map to update after every joint vacation? You can’t go wrong.

Want to take a more experiential, less tangible route? Family Life has 25 gems that’ll be sure to make anyone swoon.

For all you jokesters, Bustle has 22 alternatives that are perfect to swap during dinner… or anytime you need to pull out a dad joke.

I mean, a t-shirt with the line, “you’ve stolen a pizza my heart”? Instant fight-stopper.

That should do it! Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, humans!