Whether you believe in Punxsutawney Phil (Groundhog Day, people!) or not, we can all agree that the thick of winter is over. Translation? Cold-weather pieces are on the cheap, so this is the time to get whatever new items you need. Welcome to grown-up life.

Let’s start with the boots.

After breaking my ankle in the last snow storm due to adorning the wrong footwear, I learned my lesson. So, life tip: you need good traction in the snow. Your best bet? REI, which has tons of options at (almost) half price. l just snagged these… beauties?

Okay, they’re not gorgeous, but they’ll do the job.

The next order of business? A good, sturdy coat and/or vest.

The North Face is, of course, having their winter sale as we speak, and we’re talking coats and vests galore. Sure, you’re still going to end up spending some (costs ranging from $130 – $200), but it’ll be way less than you would next November. Yay adulting!

Let’s talk accessories. You have your utility jacket and boots – now’s the time for some fashion. Think hats, gloves, and scarves. This is where it gets fun.

Ladies and Gentleman, the money gods did us a solid here. So. Many. Options. Here are our top 3:

Nordstrom is having their winter sale (ending Sunday) which’ll get you up to 40 percent off – hats and scarves galore.

J. Crew Factory is another good place to look, with great options for gloves and hats. Plus, they too are having a 40-50 percent off sale (ending Sunday), so those leather gloves you’ve been thinking about since last year can finally become a reality!

Last but not least, you need to take a look at Lord and Taylor. From now until Monday evening, you’ll get 25 percent of clearance items AND 20 percent off regular priced pieces. So get fancy with your cold-weather accessories. I promise, nobody will know how much you spent.

Happy being-a-grown-up, people! Welcome.