The holiday season is over but winter is just getting started. We think of this time of the season as being brutally cold, and miserable, and it is. Unfortunately, it’s even worse for those who are in need.

Some people are without a coat on their backs, or gloves on their hands, and they’re cold. Let’s do our part and literally take the shirts off our backs and use them to warm someone who may be in need.

I know, not all of us have clothing or winter gear to donate. Lucky for everyone, there are donation centers all over the country for all kinds of winter materials, not just clothes.

Come, let me show you how you can do your part in warming the hearts, and bodies, of those in need.



One Warm Coat is a charity that focuses on, you guessed it, providing coats for those in need. With their help you can either set up a coat drive yourself, or donate a coat that you no longer need.

Coats are maybe the most obvious and most vital piece of winter clothing. Go through your closet and see if there’s a coat in there that hasn’t been worn in a while. If there has, either call up your friends and get a coat drive together, or drop it off at one of One Warm Coat’s many donation locations.


Maybe the most well-known of all the charities, the Salvation Army is the perfect place to drop       off your old winter gear for donation. Unlike One Warm Coat, the Salvation Army will accept most articles of clothing, provided they aren’t too heavily worn. That means you can round up your pants, hats, gloves, socks, and scarves, and donate them to those in need.

Got non-winter clothes to donate? The Unroll.Me blog has a guide just for you. (


Someone who has a coat, or winter clothes, may still need some help when it comes to warming up. That’s why, much to my surprise, there are firewood banks all over the country that work with local authorities and forest management services to source, and provide, safe firewood to those in need of emergency heating.

If you find yourself living in a wooded area and you have more firewood than you know what to do with, think about donating it to a local firewood bank.


If you can’t give the clothes off your back, or the wood from your fireplace, think about donating your time. Homeless shelters and food banks are heavily populated this time of year by people looking to escape the winter. Head on over to your local shelter and lend a helping hand by giving out blankets, or serving warm meals. Maybe just buy some food and donate it to a food bank. Whatever you can do will go a long way.

Let’s do our part to warm our communities.


Until next time – stay warm out there.