REAL HERO About a month ago, I went on vacation to Maine with my boyfriend’s family. We had a lake house, and most of the week pretty much consisted of lounging on a boat, “working out” on a stand-up paddle board, and going to a drive-in movie (“The Secret Life of Pets” is AWESOME). That being said, on one of the days, there was a huge thunderstorm – so water activities, or anything outside for that matter, was out of the question. After half the day consisting of playing board games and napping in the house, we were getting just a little stir crazy and needed to figure out something to do. Looking online for any indoor activities, I found that the L.L. Bean flagship store was a half-hour drive away. Now, this may not seem like the most exciting sort of outing – but with a trout pond in the store, I was intrigued and proud of myself for finding the perfect option for picking up some rain gear. trout pond So, the boyfriend and I drove out there, thinking that we’d get some shopping in and see what this pond was all about. Well, as you can imagine, the place was a MAD HOUSE. I was determined, though, to find some good waterproof options, so we looked around – and there it was. Big enough to fit a sweater under and sturdy enough to deal with (almost) any storm Mother Nature could bring, I found the quintessential rain coat. Side-note: I had been searching for a perfect rain jacket forever, but up until this point, I’d found nothing that fit the bill. I was so excited… that is, until I saw the hour-long check-out line. We were going to be late for a big dinner being prepared at home, so we had no choice but to go home empty handed. I’m not proud to say I had a temper tantrum in the car. Then I realized this is 2016 and we have these handy gadgets called computers. Tantrum over. I got home, opened my Mac Book, and went down the rabbit hole. Why am I telling you this overly drawn-out anecdote? Because in doing my research, I inadvertently put together a pseudo rain gear guidebook, and you know you want to see all of my findings. The JacketL.L. Bean Trail Model Rain Jacket rain jacket How much: $79 Where to get ‘em: L.L. Bean Why it rocks: It’s light weight, comfy, and has enough breathing room to allow for a heavy sweater underneath. Cold, snowy days have found their match. The Boots – Forever Young Women Rubber Rain Boots rain boots How much: $34 Where to get ‘em: Amazon Why they rock: Chances are, you won’t be needing to wear rain boots every day, If that’s the case, why spend at least a hundred bucks on Hunters? These are on the cheap and may be one of the only options I’ve seen that aren’t atrocious looking. Double win! The Umbrella – REI Travel Umbrella Umbrella How much: $35.50 Where to get it: REI Why it rocks: Okay, so I know you usually get the seven buck option from CVS every time it rains, but I’m here to tell you that all umbrellas are NOT created equally. This is the best you can get – not too pricey, and with a tented canopy on top, there will be NO MORE breakage every time a light wind blows your way. Happy rainy days!