There are two kinds of people: those who are active and those who are not. That being said, as the (self-appointed) President of the lazy population, today, National Lazy Day, is my holiday – I mean, there should be a statue in my honor. Just saying. Anyway, most days, I wish I was on the other side of the spectrum; today, though, I’m relishing in my couch-potato, grandma status. So, with a minimal (obviously) amount of research, I found the top five apps to fit my under-appreciated lifestyle. Pop on those sweatpants, grab a drink, plop down on the couch and enjoy:

Okay, I know you probably have this downloaded already, but if not, now’s the time. Never let those fingers strain again by searching for those pesky tracking numbers, and stay on-budget to boot!

Need, well, pretty much anything but don’t want to leave the couch? Enter Postmates, your new best friend. Available in most major cities and their surrounding areas, all you have to do is type in your address, and BAM! One of their riders will pick up and deliver your prescriptions, dinner, or whatever it is that you need.

This. Is. INCREDIBLE. Every time you watch a show (and let’s be real, you could be an Emmys judge) or listen to music, take the app out, let it scan to register the show or song, and earn points. Then, redeem ‘em for gift cards, cash, or a “Perk Plastik,” their prepaid debit card. I am going to be so rich.

Don’t have “time” to put together that Ikea cabinet, clean the house, do the laundry, or organize the closet you’ve been meaning to get to for months? Me neither. Welcome, people, to Taskrabbit. After you download, choose what you need done, and with a few clicks someone is at your door, ready to do all the chores. It’s like your modern day genie in a bottle! Costs vary by tasks, but you really can’t put a price on watching someone do what you don’t feel like doing, am I right?!

Dinner is hard and requires too much effort. With Munchery, have an almost home cooked meal delivered, and ready for you to heat up and munch on, real quick. You can order as much as you want (entrees, sides, desserts, etc. are all separated), as often as you want, for $85 per year, or $8.95 per month. Bonus: bring whatever you don’t eat to lunch the next day, and eliminate having to, you know, take a walk to pick it up! Score.

Happy lounging, lazies!