I have a terrible habit (or an amazing one, depending on who you ask) of unwinding with a glass of wine and instantly falling asleep once the last drop hits my lips. Recently, I awoke from my blissful state to find my glasses unfortunately crushed beneath me instead of resting atop my face. Oops.

While I ended up getting them replaced with expensive prescription glasses, it got me thinking how cool this whole experience could’ve been if I chose to get a number of different glasses to swap out to match my outfits, or to use as a fashion statement instead of forgoing them in favor of contacts. If you’ve been meaning to shop for glasses online but didn’t know where to start, search no longer! Here’s where you need to look so you can feel spectacle-r… (yes, I’ll see myself out)

Warby Parker

WP glasses collageThe now-eponymous online retailer of eyeglass frames, Warby Parker allows users to select five frames to test out for five days at home, all with free shipping and returns. The frames might not be the cheapest option online, but the book lovers behind Warby Parker curate great style themes to match their named selection of frames that’re always edgy and hip. They’ll also donate a pair of glasses for every purchase to VisionSpring, which is a non-profit previously run by Warby’s co-CEO, Neil Blumenthal.

Wanna know something else? They also have over 30 brick-and-mortar stores so you can pop in and try on the frames (including monocles) you’ve been eyeing online. How can you not get behind this amazing idea?

Our choice picks: Warby Parker Duckworth and Finch eyeglasses

Warby Parker Duckworth Eyeglasses WP Finch

Eye Buy Direct

EBD collageIf you’re budget conscious but not willing to compromise on style, Eye Buy Direct is your go-to retailer. Their huge selection of glasses (~500 frames) are super stylish with a 14-day fit guarantee, plus they offer TONS of budget-friendly savings, including weekly deals, discounts, and other special savings galore! They have tons of color, fit, material and design options to choose from with prices ranging from the super low $6 (no, that’s no typo), to the still-pretty-low RFLKT Eyewear collection. Regardless of your choice, you’ll never go broke over glasses again, plus a portion of your purchase will go to benefit children in need of eyeglasses, via Feed the Children. Score!

Our choice picks: Eye Buy Direct Potter and RFLKT Fade eyeglasses


Zenni Optical

Zenni eyeglass collageIf you’re like me – constantly worried about destroying pricy glasses, or looking for a pop of color or fun designs that won’t cost a fortune – Zenni Optical is a no-brainer. Zenni glasses are super affordable and designed to fit any budget and are an easy, entry-level glasses that will beat anything you can find in a drugstore. Their comically-low discount frames start at $6.95 which makes it so easy (maybe too easy) to change frames for any occasion, or grab an extra pair (or ten) just for giggles. Want another fun feature? On their website you can upload your own photo and size up your facial fit for glasses, which, trust me, can turn into hours of entertainment in a HURRY. One detracting point is that shipping is not free, and neither are returns if the glasses are not a good fit. Regardless of that, though, you won’t go wrong with this option.

Our choice picks: Zenni Optical Larkspur and Van der Rohe Aviator Eyeglasses

Zenni LarkspurZenni van der Rohe Aviator