Last night, I got a call from my sister. On vacation for a week, though having a blast, she couldn’t stop complaining about how difficult it was to complete all of her “staying healthy” routines. Typically, these regimens include a certain amount of weekly gym sessions and a set meal plan. On vacation, though, staying on-task seemed impossible.

After letting her vent for a while, trying to figure out a way to calm her down, I had a lightbulb moment. With all the power of our mini-computer phones, why couldn’t she download some apps and stay fit and healthy? Score! So, to get her back to vacation brain (and get off the phone), I told her I’d do the legwork and find the tools she needed.

Now, if this routine-keeping vacation panic sounds familiar, take a peek below at what I told her to download, preferably before you have beach brain.

work out hero
Power 20
power 20 real
Cost: $2.99
Why it works: Focusing on strength training, get a full body workout in 20 minutes… definitely quick enough for a vacation morning. Plus, there’s no equipment necessary, so the whole thing can be done from your beach towel!

7 Minute Workout
7 minute workout
Cost: Free
Why it works: If time is of the essence and even 20 minutes seems lofty, 7 Minute Workout is your savior. Broken down into 12 high intensity bodyweight exercises at 30 seconds each (with 10 seconds rest in between each of them), the simplistic app will time you for every task. Hotel room fitness? Yes, please.


Food Tripping
food tripping 2
Cost: Free
Why it works: A lot of the time, while traveling, fast food seems like the only option… which doesn’t make eating healthy easy. Enter Food Tripping. This app will help you find great alternatives to the McDonald’s and Wendy’s of the world, including healthy eateries, farmers’ markets, juice joints, and microbreweries, to name a few. Don’t you feel lighter already?!

My Fitness Pal
my fitness pal
Cost: Free
Why it works: When you’re vacationing in a foreign place, it can be tough to figure out exactly how many calories you’re taking in – so staying healthy seems like a daunting task. My Fitness Pal has calorie counts for many popular foods and recipes from other cultures, all verified by their registered dietician. Staying up to date on your food log has never been easier!

Happy vacationing, everyone!