picnic hero
Every summer in New York, something funny happens. As soon as the warm sun shines down on the city, people come out of hibernation. All of a sudden, people are smiling and helping each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

As one of these city hibernators coming out for the season, one of my favorite outdoor activities is to have picnics. Living two blocks away from Prospect Park (the best NYC park, if I do say so myself), these outdoor fun fests have become a common occurrence. Now, if you don’t own all of the essentials, the whole thing can get messy, heavy, and pretty inconvenient. Conversely, if you spend a little money (thank you, summer bonus!) and pick up what you need, picnics are a whole different story.

Regardless of where you live, do yourself a favor and get ready for the best adult tea party you could imagine. Here’s what you need:

THE BASKET – Of these four different baskets, choose the one that best fits your needs. But regardless of which you choose, just make sure it comes stocked or you’ll be stuck lugging around more than you bargained for.

Traditionalhttp://onslice.co/29O3Byh – $88.23
Traditional picnic
Spacious, elegant, and comes with all you need, this is a no brainer, people!

Insulatedhttp://onslice.co/29wWFCJ – $183.77
insulated 2

Okay, I know the price point seems pretty steep, but this is well worth it. First off, it has wheels, which makes heavy, hearty packing super easy. If you like to cook gourmet food that needs to be out of the heat, this one is for you. Also, it has enough utensils and cookware for four, so no need to lug around extra pieces!

Specialtyhttp://onslice.co/29BYJbn – $54.99
Specialty picnic basket
Picnic time with that special someone? No problem! This backpack (!) is your answer to a perfect date night outside. The insulation will keep your wine and cheese cool, and it comes with a cutting board, corkscrew and bottle stopper to make sure all you need to take care of is some good conversation.

THE BLANKET – Sure, you could use a beat-up, old sheet, but why not class it up and get comfy with a blanket made for outdoor dining? Exactly.

Option 1: http://onslice.co/29DW4ia – $51.99

This baby is so light and easy to take around you won’t even remember that you have it…until you sit. Plus, the classic pattern completes the picturesque scene of everything a picnic should be!

Option 2: http://onslice.co/29Dj9Xg
picnic blanket 2 real
This comes in two sizes: two people, and four people. It is more comfortable than most blankets because of its flannel top and padding, and the waterproof underlining means that damp grass is now fair game. Bam.

See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? Happy picnicking!