My phone fell into the toilet last week.

First headphone image
In a panic, I quickly (gross, I know), pulled it out, frantically took the case off, and let it dry. Ms. iPhone still worked! Thank. God. A few hours after the debacle, I had a conference call. I dialed in and heard nothing. Crap. After flipping out yet again, I took a deep breath, put my handy-dandy white headphones in, and voila! Sound, but it still wasn’t great.

This got me thinking. If I needed headphones from now on, why not look into some better ones? I did my research. Turns out, there is whole world of earphones, all for different purposes! So, with my paycheck just coming in, I decided to splurge a little.

I am now a convert, with three different headphones, all serving different purposes:

  1. When I’m at work (ones with phone connect options)
  2. When I’m working out (wire-free)
  3. On my commute/travels (noise-canceling)

Now, if you work, work out, or travel, which I’m sure you all do, listen up (get it?) A good set of headphones is a GAME CHANGER. Here are your best bets:

On the cheap(ish)
: Klipsch R6i Black In-Ear Headphone – $79.99
These are some of the comfiest earbuds on the market, and with a carrying case, you can take ‘em to and from the office!

If you’re splurging: Master & Dynamic ME05 Headphones – $199
Master & Dynamic ME05 Headphones
With great bass and microphone capabilities, you’ll be set wherever you are. Plus, they’re gold. Who doesn’t like feeling fancy? Exactly.

On the cheap(ish)
: Sennheiser MX 686G Sports – $69.95
I love these primarily because they stay in my ear when I’m running. Nothing worse than being in a groove and suddenly having to stop!

If you’re splurging: Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – $100.82
If you’re an intense trainer, these are perfect. They’ll stay in your ear, and with killer sound and bass, keeping up rhythm is super easy!

On the cheap(ish)
: Thinksound ts02-blkchoc 8mm Passive Noise Isolating Wooden Headphone – $79.99
I’m obsessed with these beauties. The wooden frame is gorgeous, and the sound is even better. Also, there really is nothing better than being able to tune out the world for a good mid-travel nap.

If you’re splurging: Bose Quietcomfort 35 Wireless Headphones – $349
Consider these as headphone royalty. They’re comfy, wireless, and noise canceling – everything you need for a long, relaxing flight.

Happy hearing!