My dad is the gift-giver of the century. Whether it be my birthday or my sister’s college graduation, his choices are always thoughtful and creative. He really should teach classes. My sister and I, on the other hand, could use some lessons. Sure, we’ve found a gem or two, but typically, whenever we hand over a gift for Daddy Dearest, he smiles, makes use out of it once or twice, and then forgets about it.

So, with Father’s Day right around the corner, I figured I’d dig deep, do my research, and find the perfect gift… one that he could use and be excited about all year.

If you need some inspiration, look no further – these offerings will be sure to satisfy Pops! I’ve broken it down into two parts:

  • Gifts you can buy yourself (on the cheap)
  • Gifts you should probably split with siblings (pricier, but easily done with two bank accounts involved)

Team Memorabilia

Not coincidentally, is holding their Father’s Day sale! Ending tomorrow, they’ve got tons of options under $100, across all teams and sports. GO TEAM!

Grill Set
dad grilling
Chances are, all the tools he uses on the grill are older than you. Time for an upgrade! Kohl’s has a solid option – their 19-piece barbeque set is only $50. Even better? You can order online and pick up in store!

Omaha Steaks
steak dad
Unless your dad is vegetarian, he’ll be salivating over this one. Omaha steaks have a bunch of last minute gifts to arrive on time (starting at $69!), and his freezer will be stocked for at least a few months… which means he’ll keep remembering how great of a gift giver you are!

Work Bag
If Pops is lugging his laptop to and from work every day, this work bag from Fossil at Macy’s ($198) is sure to make him happy. Lightweight and fashionable, he’ll feel like the trendiest guy in the office. Plus, you can pick up in store. Score.

Great Headphones
headphones dad
Enough with the oversized, outdated look. These Westone headphones ($200) which you can get on Amazon (next day shipping, anyone?) are noise cancelling, comfortable, and come with a two-year warranty. Out with the old, in with the new… and better.

Shaving Kit

Make Daddy feel fancy with some high end, beautifully packaged shaving products. This kit from the Art of Shaving will set you back $175, but it comes with everything he needs. Bonus: free travel bag with your purchase, so two gifts in one!

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!