As things go, I’m pretty good when it comes to body image. At this point in my life, I’ve pretty much figured out what to wear – and what not to wear – to make me feel good. That being said, there is nothing I hate more than shopping for swimsuits. Every time I venture to find a piece, that little voice pops out from the depths of my brain, telling me I need to either stop eating or save up for some lipo. Not a good scene.


I’m going away in a couple weeks, and the dread of bikini shopping is starting to get the best of me. This time, I’m trying something new, though: I am doing my research and figuring out the most flattering bathing suits for my body. While I’m at it, I’ll find the best ones for you, too.


Pear 2What it means: smaller on top, curvy at the thighs and hips
What to look for: skirted bottom, plunging neckline
What to avoid: boy-shorts or thick bottoms
The perfect suit: Nasty Gal Alina Mix & Match Cutout
Extra options: Oprah has you covered

bust 2
What it means: you’re chesty and need coverage
What to look for: underwire or molded cups, higher backs
What to avoid: ruffles or embellishments
The perfect suit: Triangl Poppy Flamingo Fling
Extra options: This Refinery29 list is EVERYTHING

small bust
What it means: smaller on top, with A or B cup
What to look for: embellished details, patterns
What to avoid: nothing. Sky’s the limit!
The perfect suit: Aerie Halter
Extra options: Look no further than Women’s Health

athletic 2
What it means: straight up-and-down, less curves
What to look for: cut-outs, less coverage
What to avoid: ruffles, thick straps
The perfect suit: Revolve Mott Cutout
Extra options: With a site name like She Knows, you’re safe

apple 2
What it means: carry weight mostly in your middle
What to look for: gathered fabric, high waists
What to avoid: thin straps, cut-outs
The perfect suit: Magicsuit Fringed Ruched One-Piece
Extra options: Look Fabulous will DEF make you… look fabulous?

curvy 2
What it means: full bust, hips, thighs… curvy everywhere
What to look for: asymmetrical, retro
What to avoid: string bikinis
The perfect suit: Asos Mesh Panel Cupped Swimsuit
Extra options: Swimspot is THE spot (get it?)

Now, if you’re still on the fence, relax – the Huffington Post No Bullshit Swimsuit Guide has EVERYTHING for EVERY body type.

Happy swimming!