Every morning, my coworker wakes up at 5:45am to go to the gym and get a workout in before heading into the office. My pre-work routine? Wake up ten minutes before I have to go, sleepily get dressed and walk out the door. Another colleague gym’s it up every evening for an hour right after the day is done. I, on the other hand, am a big fan of the whole getting into my pj’s and doing a good Netflix binge every night. I’ve always envied those that had the drive to exercise either before or after work, but my laziness forever wins.

I just went to the doctor and had my weight taken… it was not a happy moment. So, with summer, and thus less, more revealing clothing coming in the near future, I decided that it was time to tighten everything up and make at least a small change. That being said, it just isn’t going to happen when I’m not at work. When I am at the office, though, in the grind, change can happen. Accordingly, I did some research and found out how to work out at work (pun intended).

If you suffer from the monster that is laziness, read on for all the at-the-office exercise baby steps you could ever need to tone up. Choose one or three and get going!

Take the stairs – within reason. Easy and quick, it’ll make you feel like you’re working out every time you go to the conference room or make a copy.

Take a walk. Meander down the hall to your work bff rather than emailing the info they need. Or go outside, stroll around the block or parking lot and call your parents for five minutes. They miss you.
Walking at work

Squeeze the glutes. Nobody will notice, I promise. Squeeze your butt for 5-10 seconds 10 times and you’ll be swimsuit ready in no time!

Do the elliptical… under the desk. Pick yourself up a FitDesk ($169) and bam! Doing a workout while you check off your to-do list. Go you!
Fit Desk

Sit on an exercise ball chair like this one ($63.98). You’ll improve your posture and get a core workout. Plus, who doesn’t like bouncing around? It’s like a bouncy castle when you were a kid… but this time, you won’t get trampled.
woman stretching in office
Pick up a hand fitness trainer. This one’s our favorite ($29.95) because we get to look like Iron Man AND prevent carpal tunnel. Win/win!

Happy workout!