Indoor herb heroEvery chef (be it professional or amateur) knows that one of the keys to upping a dish’s flavor game is the use of fresh herbs. Now, if you live somewhere with an outdoor area, growing and cooking with these gifts of nature is a no-brainer. For us city dwellers, though, Mr. Parsley and Mrs. Basil can get pricey and thus become, as my mother puts it, “special occasion ingredients.”

That said, like most kids, this and 75 percent of the other nuggets of knowledge Mama told me were forgotten… until last night, when I made dinner. I was whipping up a roast chicken which called for bunches of sage and thyme, so I ran out to the store to pick up materials. When I got home, I took a peek at the check. To say I was appalled is an understatement. I had to find a solution to this madness – a way to grow my own herbs without having the luxury of a garden. No more overspending.

If you suffer from this lack of outdoor space like me, take note. Here’s your indoor herbery guidebook:

Before you run out and buy all your seeds, it is important to know which herbs are best suited for indoor living. Balcony Garden Web has all you need to know. Bonus: if you have a cat, rejoice! Catnip is a great indoor green!

how herbs
So you made your choices. Now what? Read this Gardening Know How piece – think of it as your step-by-step manual, your supply list, and your planting mentor. Easy reading, I promise.

pretty herbsThis is where you can have some fun. Once you have your supplies and know which herbs are right for you, get creative with the display! The inspiration on DIYnCrafts is out of control. If you need more ideas, Pinterest has you covered.

Happy planting!