Pollen heroHappy allergy season, people! Sure, spring brings warm(er) weather, longer nights and better days – but with all that also comes the monster that is the pollen allergy. So, with 50 million Americans afflicted with this pain in the butt, let’s figure out some easy remedies, shall we?

Before I dive into what’ll make you feel better, though, I figure we should all learn about what we’re up against. Web MD to the rescue! Turns out, dry pollens from grasses, trees and weeds are the biggest culprits… aka, it is EVERYWHERE. Great.

Now that we’re all on the same page, onto the good stuff – how to combat the coughs, sneezes and itchy eyes:Download the Pollen.com app.

Download the pollen.com app.
pollen app
This genius app will provide allergy forecasts and your very own allergy diary, so you can pinpoint what to (try to) avoid. Amazing.

Figure out which medicine is right for you.
MedizinHuffington Post’s “8 Remedies for Spring Allergies” describes which type of medications to use for different symptoms. Take a peek, figure out which variety is right for you, then head on over to drugstore.com and have ‘em sent to your door. Easy, no?

Get your nasal rinse supplies.
neti pot
Gross? Maybe, but it’ll make you feel so much better on a bad allergy day. Order one on drugstore.com (make sure to also buy the solution), and whenever you’re feeling stuffed up, let it work its magic. All that gross mucus will be gone in no time.

Shut the windows.
Shutting windoes
It may sound too good to be true, but I promise, this small step will be BIG in making you feel better. It is pretty simple: the more your windows are closed, the less pollen can get into your house. Ahh, clean, no-pollen air!

Get yourself a cool-mist humidifier.
Remember when I told you to shut the windows? If that doesn’t sound like something you can or want to do, go high tech and get a cool-mist humidifier. Find the one best for you here.

See? Painless!

Happy breathing!