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As a New Yorker with a boss in the Bay Area, I’ve learned to call airports/planes my second home – and with trips every six(ish) weeks, I consider myself somewhat of a traveling pro. The key to my success? A trusty tool kit, which has everything I could ever need while en route.

So, with spring break coming up…
Spring break gif
Where was I? Oh right. With spring break coming up for a lot of you and summer traveling nearing for (most of) the rest, I thought it time to share my secrets. Thus, I present to you my wayfaring treasure chest; everything you need to ensure a relaxing and painless travel experience.

It all starts with the proper backpack. I know you’re probably thinking, “a backpack? How old am I?!” but it honestly is the perfect companion. With enough room to hold all in transit needs and making for one less thing to hold, you can’t go wrong.

Winner: Herschel Little America
Herschel Little America

How much: $99

Runner-Up: Standard Luggage Co Carry On Backpack
Standard Carry On Backpack
How much: $179

Now that you have your necessities holder, here’s what to pack in:

Ladies and gentleman, meet the eye mask, your new best friend. Lightweight and cheap, they’re the first step in getting some good old shut-eye on any plane, train or automobile.

Winner: Brookstone Nap Plush Eye Mask
Brookstone eyemaskHow much: $19.99

Runner-Up: Nidra Sleep Mask
Nidra sleep mask

Let’s call ear plugs the eye mask’s right hand. Shut out that crying baby, obnoxious fellow passenger, or seat TV that won’t turn off. They’re the last step to ensuring a good travel sleep.

Winner: Alpine FlyFit
Alpine FlyFitHow much: $17.50

Runner-Up: Mighty Plugs
Mighty PlugsHow much: $12.50

Okay, you have your eye mask and ear plugs. Nap time is now. What else do you need? A comfy pillow and cozy blanket, that’s what!

Pillow Winner: Travelrest Travel Pillow
Travelrest Travel Pillow
How much: $29.95

Pillow Runner-Up: J-Pillow
J-PillowHow much: $27.95

Blanket Winner: Travelrest Travel Blanket
Travelrest Travel Blanket
How much: $29.95

Blanket Runner-Up: Pendleton Motor Robe
Pendleton blanket
How much: $99

So you took a nap and now you’re ready to be entertained. Whether you’re watching in-flight movies, that show you downloaded, or just listening to your favorite album, you’ll want some quality headphones.

Winner: Bose QuietComfort
Bose QuietComfortHow much: $299

Runner-Up: JBL E50BT
JBLHow much: $137.50

Other than your favorite paperback book or three, that’s all she wrote! Let me know if you think we missed anything – just shoot us a Facebook post or tweet. Happy travels!