Do me a favor, please: look up from your computer (or phone or whatever device it is that you’re on) and notice the color surrounding you. Green’s everywhere! You know what that means: St. Patrick’s Day is here once again. But you knew that already, I’m sure. Why am I stating the obvious? Well, on my way to work this morning, this monochromatic vision made something go off in my brain and I had to blog it out. See, I’m super bad when it comes being planet conscious… it is, without a doubt, my worst trait. So, in honor of today’s tinted holiday, I decided to change my bad habit. I’m going “green,” as painless as possible. Let’s do it together, shall we?

These are some good, easy categories to start with:

Green Cleaning

CleaningWhy it’s important: According to the geniuses over at, many of the chemicals found in conventional cleaning products are often carcinogens and neurotoxins.  That not enough for you? They’ve got nine more reasons to get on the green cleaning wagon – peek here.

Where to start: with a site called “One Green Planet,” I think it is pretty safe to say they know what they’re doing – here’s their list of best cleaning products. For even more ideas, Real Simple, the home queen Martha Stewart’s site has a pretty stellar roundup.

Green Female Products for that Time of the Month

Why it’s important: We all hate talking about it but the time has come, so listen up. It is super important to use the right products during that time of the month; after all, conventional pads contain the equivalent of around four plastic bags. This is not a joke. Learn more about all the crap in your run-of-the-mill period products here. Have to give a shout out to Huffington Post for this article, opening my (and hopefully your) eyes with regards to the topic. Kudos.

Where to start: I’m not always a fan of Refinery 29, but this list has all the eco-friendly, green products for Aunt Flo you’ll ever need.

Green Lifestyle
Reduce reuse recycle
Why it’s important:  Pretty much, reduce, reuse, recycle. Sounds simple, right? But have you ever actually taken a second and thought about what it means? Sustainable Baby Steps has all the details you need – and with “baby steps” in the URL, you know you’re safe.

Where to start: Honestly, all you need to do is refer to the above. Easy-peasy!

Obviously, there are umpteen more categories I could go into, but let’s not get too overwhelmed. Start here, and get ready for Earth Day, coming on April 22nd. I’ll be coming at you with your next steps. Cool? Cool.