procrastination resized

I never really thought about changing this waiting-til- the-last-minute issue I have; that is, until yesterday. You see, I just moved into an annoyingly trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn. With the weather (finally) changing, I needed some warmer climate pieces, so I decided to frequent one of the bazillion chic boutiques in my new area. I walked into the first one, thinking I’d pick up a dress or two… that is, until I saw the price tags. Sundresses for $150, sandals for $200 and shorts beginning at $70. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t make enough for that. Maybe it was just that store, I thought.  So, I walked out and went in to another place. Same story, different location. What’s a girl to do? Go home, go online, and find some spring sales, of course!

Upon heading onto the world wide web, I realized all those deals I’d been hearing about were over, because the first day of the season had just passed. Obviously –  my procrastination had finally got the best of me. It was then that I decided to change my pattern. Here’s how:

  1. Get some winter pieces off season (aka, now)
  2. Make a spring wardrobe myself, finding as many evergreen sales as I could.

So, to all my fellow procrastinators, I present you with all you need. Be a savvy shopper and take a peek at the bounty of sales I found. Maybe this procrastinating isn’t such a problem, anyway.

SPRINGING INTO SPRING – sales to make your warm weather wardrobe:
MacysWhat to get:  shoes (aka sandals and wedges)
What’s the deal: 30% off when you buy two or more shoes, 25% off one pair

Lord & Taylor
Lord & Taylor
What to get: more shoes, party dresses
What’s the deal: 20% off dresses, up to 40% off shoes

Urban Outfitters
UrbanWhat to get: sun dresses, sun dresses and more sun dresses!
What’s the deal: 20% off dresses (they are AWESOME)

Ann Taylor Loft
LOFTWhat to get: tops, but really everything
What’s the deal: 30% off almost everything. Can’t beat that.

THE SAVVY WINTER SHOPPER – get those out of season pieces on the REAL cheap
Club Monaco
Club monaco blogWhat to get: winter coat
What’s the deal: extra 30% off sale items (and coats are DEF on sale right now)

Top Shop
Top shop blog
What to get: sweaters
What’s the deal: up to 50% off pieces

Eastern Mountain Sports
EMS blogWhat to get: cold weather boots
What’s the deal: up to 40% off

BRIGHTEN UP THE HOUSE – never a bad time to spruce up the place!
Marimekko logoWhat to get: fun pillows
What’s the deal: 20% off fabrics and pillows

West Elm
west elm blogWhat to get: pieces for the bedroom
What’s the deal: up to 30% off bedroom furniture

Pottery Barn
pottery barn blogWhat to get: everything
What’s the deal: up to 50% off a wide selection of their products

World Market
World MarkeWhat to get: dining room items
What’s the deal: up to 50% off dining room pieces

Happy shopping!