The Grinch

Embarrassing confession: I have Christmas tree envy. Every year, my family goes to our neighbor’s house for a holiday dinner and their tree is always PERFECT. Like, center of Whoville status. As soon as I walk through their door, I go straight into Grinch mode.

Anyone with me? Our secret, I promise. Well, this year, let’s break the cycle and decorate like Mrs. Klaus.

Mrs. Claus

After research and more research, we found that decorating is all about following these key steps, in this order:

  1. Hang the lights
  2. Add the garlands or ribbons
  3. Place the tree-topper on
  4. Ornament time

Now that you know the pecking order, let’s get to the fun stuff:


Before you start buying, it’s all about coming up with a game plan – Real Simple has your how-to. Now that you’ve done your reading, shop away. We’re getting all the lighting we need at Target. Don’t forget the power cord (or 3)!

THE GARLANDS / RIBBONSRibbonIf nothing else, it hides the light wires. Also, they make the tree look professional, which is what we’re all going for, right? Side note: DO NOT USE TINSEL. IT NEVER WORKS.

Wayfair – the acme of housewares, they know their stuff. This is the place to get the fake plant based garlands.

Christmas Central – need I say more? Get your beaded or frilly garlands here.

Kirklands – ribbon central, and at a price you can afford.

Macy’s – this red ribbon is EVERYTHING.



The tree topper is like the icing on the cake – it puts everything together. Whether you want to get religious or not, get one.

Bronner’s – thinking religious? They have everything you could want… and with a price breakdown filter, you can make sure not to go too crazy.

Home Depot – I know, you wouldn’t think of them as a Christmas store, but their star toppers are gorgeous.

Christmas Tree Topper – I mean, with a name like that, you know they’re at the top of their game.

THE ORNAMENTSOrnamentsThis is the fun part – you get to be an artist! Here are some ideas:

Pier 1 – great for the classics… and they’re offering 25 percent off. Amazing.

Etsy – if you’re looking for some vintage pieces, this is mecca.

Shutterfly – make an ornament from your favorite family photo… Mom and Dad will thank you, for sure.

Ornament Shop – live with roommates? These guys will let you write or caption any of their ornaments. Insert inside joke here.

Tiffany & Co. – because you fancy and you deserve it.

Side-note: before you start, make sure you have good hangers – they are a make or break for the perfect tree. Our office favorite is from Crate & Barrel, because they’re pretty and sturdy.

Feeling better? Thought so. Be sure to snap your creations and send them over… we’d love to see your skills at work! Leave a comment, send us a tweet or post on our Facebook. Thanks much in advance!