At this point, you know the necessity that is having Slice in your life as your online shopping assistant. Well, with the holidays fast approaching, take it one step further… the time has come to make Slice your holiday shopping ninja. Why? Our new features, of course! Here’s what you need to know:


Holiday themes insta

Get your Slice App in full holiday gear with one of our festive skins! Pretty much, you can think of these as the less annoying, more exciting versions of those five holiday songs you’re already sick of hearing.


Price Drop

Who likes free money? Yes, please.

Say you buy yourself a present (because TREAT YOSELF) and that item goes on sale the next day. Guess what? If you shoot an email to the merchant where you bought the item, chances are they’ll refund you the difference. Here’s where we come in: we’ll notify you every time an order you placed from a Price Drop supporting merchant decreases. You’re well on your way to being a full-fledged money-saving ninja.

Treat yo self

Have questions or want to learn more? Here’s all the details:



share shipment

For all those lucky ducks that you’ve bought gifts for during the holidays, why not build up the anticipation and share your shipment?

Here’s how:

  • After a package is either pending or shipped, hop on the Slice app
  • Go to the package you want to share
  • Click the arrow button (Android) or those three dots (iOS)

From there, you’ll be able to choose your package design and message. Worry not – we won’t reveal what’s inside the package so the surprise stays just that. Then, the recipient will receive an email and be able to track the package.

Happy (holiday) shopping, ninjas!

Questions? Leave a comment, send us a tweet or post on our Facebook – we’re here to help.