As the temperature drops, your heart rate is probably going up with the anticipation of traveling this holiday season. The thought alone probably stresses you out enough – but not to worry, we’ve got a couple quick tips to keep your head on straight.

Hidden Deals


Pro-tip: use layovers to your advantage. Not only are they key nap opportunities, but you’ll also save some cash. Skiplagged is a great service that finds these hidden deals. These wise guys look for flights where your actual destination is the layover. Say, for instance, that you’re trying to fly from New York to Los Angeles and the cost is between $300 and $500. Using Skiplagged, you can find a $170 flight from New York to Seattle with a layover in LA. Hop off mid trip, skipping the second leg of the flight – and BAM – the price is sliced (get it)? Keep in mind, though, that you can only pack carry on, as any checked baggage is going to the final destination.

No Hassle Security


Going through airport security is THE WORST, taking anywhere from 15 minutes to forever. If you’re a frequent flier (no pun intended), get TSA pre-check. This service enables you to walk right through security – no more waiting around, taking your shoes off and putting your stuff into a plastic bin. The certificate approval process can be a little arduous, but it could make the difference between making your flight and being stranded in an airport.

Travel Against the Grain


CRAZY CONCEPT: maybe this is the year you try a family-free vacation! Some of the cheapest days to fly are on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, so if the thought of seeing family during the holidays makes your stomach turn, this is the option for you.