Remember when you were a kid and happily wore the same Halloween costume every year? Good times. Nowadays, finding the right costume seems to evoke the same anxiety as, say, picking a name for your first child. Of course, there are those rare creatures that figure out what they’re going to wear a year in advance and prepare for months – but who has time for that? Chances are, you’ll end up scrambling at the last minute and spending way too much money on a getup you only half like.

Well, the time has come to break the pattern. If you start now and use our two step guide, we promise you won’t break the bank – and hopefully, you’ll be the envy of everyone who sees you. Isn’t that the whole point?

Step 1 – Figure out where you’ll be seen

You can’t determine the right outfit until you know where people will see it. If you’re dressing up for work, you’ll want to make sure you’re office appropriate. Heading to a party? You can get away with lots more. If you’re going to a parade, all bets are off.

Step 2 – Determine if you’re buying a whole costume or creating your own

There are pros and cons to both. Let’s break it down:

Buying a whole costumeREGINA

Pros: easier, quicker / Cons: others will be wearing it too, less creative

Where to get ‘em:

  • Costume Discounters – their lowest price guaranteed will make sure you don’t spend too much. Plus, their categorization is so detailed that virtually any costume you can think of is here.
  • Spirit Halloween – 20% off if you join their mailing list. Need I say more?

Making your own costumeKADY

Pros: you’ll be the only one wearing it, you can wear many of the pieces in every day life / Cons: more expensive, takes much more planning

What to do:

  • Get inspired – Peek at this Popsugar list of DIY costumes to get the wheels turning, or head on over to our Pinterest for all the inspiration you’ll ever need!
  • Put it all together – To get the bulk of the outfit, I’d peruse one of two places: Asos, which has Halloween-centric pieces you can probably wear again, and American Apparel, where any single item is PERFECT for your costume. I mean, why else would they have shiny black body suits?! Exactly. Craft stores like Michaels or Factory Direct are perfect for finding all the little details to make your costume a 10.

See, not so hard, right?! Be sure to shoot us a tweet or Facebook post with all of your creations – we’re dying to see!

If you’re still having trouble, worry not – we’ll be tweeting last minute costume sales as we see them. Happy shopping!