Woman with coins in jar

I like expensive things… but I live in a big city and have way too many college loans. Sound familiar? Thought so. See, the problem is, I say yes to everything and don’t budget. Catch up date with a college friend at an overpriced restaurant? Of course! 12 overpriced Starbuck’s coffees in a day? Why not?!

I was looking through my Unroll.Me Rollup email digest last night and noticed an email from Mint that read something like, “you’ve exceeded your monthly budget for traveling and food” – great. As annoyed as I was, something clicked. It’s time to start being a grown-up and taking a look at how I could save some moola.

Budgeting bonus: you’ll actually have enough money to TREAT YO SELF once in a while.



So what can you do? Welp, good thing we’re living in the 21st century and have smartphone’s! After some serious researching (and asking around), I believe I’ve found the top three – the best of the best. Here goes:

GOLD – Digit: With a tagline of “save money, without thinking about it,” how could you go wrong? This free app will check your spending habits and take out a few bucks from your checking account whenever you can afford it. When you want to withdraw from your Digit account, you just shoot ‘em a text and magically, you have more money in your checking account. BAM.


SILVER – Wally: If Mint’s dashboard is too complicated, this one’s for you (and me, clearly). This helps you compare your income to your expenses, set and achieve budgeting goals AND understand where your money is going. To sum, it’s the what, where, when, how, and why of your bank account. Pretty nifty.


BRONZE – Mvelopes: “Give us 9 minutes, we’ll change your financial life.” Sounds like a plan to me! Though it’s similar to Wally in what it achieves for you, the method is different. With this, you categorize your expenses into “envelopes” and then Mvelopes will track how much money you have left in each for the month. Also, so you can capture receipts and add to your transactions, making tracking SO MUCH EASIER.


So what are you waiting for?! Play around with each, find your fave, and budget away! Happy shopping!