Knowing your package is going to arrive but you won’t be home to receive it can be nerve-racking. Lucky for you, keeping tabs on your packages is what we do best at Slice, so you can get on with your life without worrying about your deliveries, even when you’re away! Here are some quick tips on how to making the most out of package tracking when you’re traveling.


Tracking on the fly

Ever make a last-minute purchase online and find yourself praying that it’ll make it to you before you leave for your big trip? If you’re anything like us, you’ll check the package tracking website twenty times an hour. The Slice app will let you know what the estimated date is but you’ll also get a push notification when it gets close. Leave the worry behind and track with Slice.

Share the shipment

An unattended package at your doorstep can be an invitation to theft! Don’t leave your package out or it might just get swiped. If you’re going to be away when the delivery is made, have a neighbor or a friend pick up the package for you. You can use Slice’s share shipment feature, so they know when the package is going to arrive. They don’t even need the Slice app to monitor the package.

Don’t pack it, ship it!

Going on a long vacation and it’s too expensive to check additional luggage? Consider shipping a package to your hotel or wherever you’re staying. Its a great option for parents with a car seat that’s too big to haul onto the plane.  Most hotels will be happy to accept a package for you, just check with them before you send off your belongings.

Alternatively, you may have bought too much stuff that won’t fit in your luggage on the way back. Send all your extra goodies back via post and save the hassle of having to buy additional bags or pay extra luggage fees. Use the Slice barcode scanner and you don’t need to manually enter your tracking number.  Now, send yourself off on vacation and leave the tracking to us.