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Fun fact: dogs have been our best friends since forever. Why? During the cavemen era, life was hard for us humans – hunting was, at times, near impossible, and we were constantly worried about protecting ourselves from other animals. Wolves also needed a constant diet and realized quick that if they domesticated themselves, life would be pretty great. So began our awesome partnership. Wolves would help us hunt and protect us with their strength and ability to hear danger miles away, and we would feed them and give em’ all the snuggles they wanted.

Why am I telling you this story? Because it’s National Dog Day, of course! And in honor of my favorite day ever, we’ve put together our list of the best online dog shopping resources – so you can get all you need for your furry friend in the time it takes to take them on a walk!

BarkboxIf you’re the type to host a birthday party for your pup, this subscription box service is all you need. Sign up, pick the size of your dog, and bam – you’re set. Here’s what’s included in your Barkbox: a combination of four-six treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products. In terms of pricing, it varies based on how many months you select. One month is $29, three months is $24 each, six months is $21 each, and a year is $19 each.


Chewyyour handy-dandy online pet store. Hosting over 400 brands of pet food and accessories, you have all you need. Plus, if you order over $49 worth of items, you’ll receive free 1-2 day shipping.


WagThis site is very similar to Chewy, except that you can also order pet meds… which is pretty necessary, no? In addition, these smarties are offering 15% off pet food for the next three months if you’re a new shopper. Seems like a no brainer to me!


DogI mean, with a name like that, how could you go wrong? Okay, so it may be similar to Chewy and Wag, but it has even more treats and trinkets to satisfy even the pickiest of pups. What’s better? You can even adopt a dog from their site!


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