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Did you get Dad his Father’s Day gift yet? If so, we bow down to you, oh hyper-organized one. For the rest of the world, chances are it goes more like this: you forget to buy something and find yourself scrambling at the last possible minute.

And then there’s that whole other ‘sitch: dad’s are IMPOSSIBLE to buy for, either because A. they already have everything they want or B. they tell you not to spend money on them.

We’re with you. That’s why we compiled the best gift guide ever with the perfect options for any type of dad – sport lover, foodie, geek or fashion enthusiast. The icing on the cake? Most won’t break the bank. You’re welcome.

Sporty/Outdoorsy Dad

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This is a tricky one. Obviously, there’s the never-ending supply of memorabilia for his favorite teams… but what if his man cave (or whatever his “place” is) already looks like a clubhouse? What about outdoor adventure gear? Typically, he’s very picky with this stuff and shutters at the thought of letting go of his 20-year-old tent. We get it. Here are a few suggestions that just may surprise him:

Sports Team Subscription: Have we ever professed our love for whomever the inventor of subscription boxes may be? Thank you Mr. or Ms. Genius! For the dad that can never have enough team memorabilia, head on over to Sports Crate for a variety of different box options customized with merch from his beloved team.

Zepp Sensor: The best thing you can do for your active Dad. Designed to work with baseball, golf, tennis or softball (for Mamma next Mother’s Day!), this gadget will provide meaningful performance information that can immediately help their game (get it?). The other function: helping him finally beat Mr. Smith, his annoying, overly confident neighbor next door.

Rolltop Backpack: So he has his tattered tent that he’ll never get rid of – basically, a new one is out of the question. But what else could he use for his camping trips? This rollup backpack from Poler. The perfect camping bag has plenty of room for his fishing gear, clothes, snacks and even overnight essentials. Plus, he’ll be the coolest traveler in the pack.

Geeky Dad

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Geeks come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: their quirky nature. With that in mind, these gift ideas have something for every flavor of geek you can think of.

iPhone Camera Lens: Has Dad just gotten his first iPhone, thus becoming a part of the 21st Century? We feel you. If your Dad is like ours, he’s obsessed with the camera and what it can do. Make his day with the Olloclip Lens System and he’ll forget that last year’s gift merely included a card… delivered late. This lens can attach to his phone in seconds and transforms it into an almost passable digital camera. Pretty nifty.

Retro Flip Down Clock: Okay, this one is actually pretty cool. For those dads stuck in 1985, this is perfect. Looking kind of like those old flipping scoreboards, he’ll keep it on his desk at work and be reminded of the good times when… scoring wasn’t electronic?

Photo Cube Printer: We all know a dad like this – he takes pictures EVERYWHERE… and never does anything with them. This is the guy who never has storage on his phone but has maybe 2 apps downloaded in total. Well, enough is enough. The Smartphone photo cube printer from Sharper Image enables you to print images directly from your phone without any computer being needed. Quick and easy, Dad will finally do something with all those shots. Note: this may result in scrapbooking. Lots.

Gourmet Dad

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If your Dad’s favorite activity revolves around grocery shopping, you’ve got a gourmet father on your hands. Lot’s of Food Network, experimenting with random ingredients… and more Food Network. Get him one of these goodies and you can bet you’ll begin to actually see his mouth begin to water.

S’Mores Maker: You’re on the plane going on family vacation. You’re trying to sleep and Daddy Dearest keeps tapping you, giddy to present the latest single utility Skymall gadget he just needs. Sound familiar? If so, put a smile on his face with this Skymall-esque S’Mores maker. His sweet tooth will thank you a whole lot.

Pig of the Month Feast: Dad’s love barbeque… I mean, who doesn’t? That being said, finding a good eatery can be difficult if you’re not in a bbq haven or living the life of an acclaimed chef. Well, the smarties at Pig of the Month have figured out a solution: sending barbeque packages, (almost) ready to eat. Send one to Dad and he’ll feel like a pig in shit (I know, puns galore).

Bar10der: If your Dad takes on the role of Mixologist anywhere he can, this is the masterpiece he has been waiting for. On Father’s Day, ask him to make a cocktail right after you give him the best gift ever. You get a fantastic drink and he gets to play. No brainer.

Fashionable Father

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For many out there, Dad’s style revolves around the latest sweater vest or sneaker sale at Costco. We feel your pain. There is, though, a small-ish population of fathers who would cringe at the thought. If your Dad falls into this category, you’ve got a fashionable father. And we know just what to get him.

Jack Spade Messenger Bag: For the Dad who brings his lap top/iPad/latest gadget to and from work, messenger bags from Jack Spade are perfect. They come in a bunch of different colors, but the best part? All the jokes you can make about his “man purse”.

Bottega Veneta After Shave: The name says it all. Available on the Neiman Marcus website but not as pricey as you think. You can be sure that after every time he shaves and puts it on, he’ll walk a little taller and think of how awesome of a gift giver you are. The gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Socks: It really is sad how few men understand and utilize the accessory that is a set of great and colorful socks, your Dad being one of them. Enter Happy Socks. Not too pricey and really great quality, the company sells packs of three or four, which makes for the perfect fashionable Dad gift. After he puts one on, he’ll never look back. And you can keep getting them every year. Win win!

Still haven’t found the best gift of all time? Head on over to our Pinterest page with even more inspiration.