There’s more to Slice then just package tracking! In our last post post we briefly covered the Discover section of the Slice app. What exactly is the Discover section and how can you use to your advantage? The best way to make a discovery is to figure out where that section even is! You can find the Discover section on our iPhone or Android app. Tap on the menu button and the Discover option is just below Slice & Dice.

Slice - Discover page
Slice’s Discover section

Price Drops

Nice! Now comes the fun part. In the Discover section you’ll see two sections at the top: Price Drops & Recalls. Price drops are a great way to find deals that you might have missed from traditional means. Slice is already monitoring these items for our users but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits!

Slice monitors deals daily and we support some popular merchants like Nordstrom, Zappos, Newegg, Home Depot & more. Each these merchants have a price drop policy that we’re helping consumers take advantage of. So,  if the price of that items drops even more after you’ve bought it, we’ll let you know. It’s as if the sales rack at your favorite store had a Twitter feed. It’s way faster than checking each site individually! Tap on any product and Slice will take you to the product page so you can see for yourself.

You’ll be happy to know that as of today we’ve added a couple new merchants to the Price Drop category of the Discover section. Log in and find Loft, Anthropologie, Children’s Place, Gymboree and Bloomingdale’s!

Slice Price Drops

Slice - Price Drop sectionPrice Drop Bloomingdales



Product Recalls

Let’s take a second to explain what a recall is. A recall is when a company or manufacturer finds that their product is faulty for one reason or another. Lots of products are recalled every day and as safety-concerned as we might be, it’s actually pretty complicated to stay on top of them.

But it’s easy with Slice!  The site is the official source to check for products that are being recalled. Slice neatly breaks up each recall in an easy to read format and tapping on any entry will bring you to the CPSC recall entry.  There you can check anything matches what you have at home–and if you bought a recalled item online, we’ll let you know. The CPSC even honored with an award for the product recall feature. Shop safely!

Product Recalls

Discover More
The Discover section is just another tool  you can add to your utility belt. We are committed to making you a better and more informed online shopper. After you’ve checked up on your latest shipment, take a look into what the Discover section has to offer!