There is nothing quite like receiving a package at your doorstep. We all get the Christmas morning excitement when our long-awaited delivery finally makes it to us. But before you can shout “Hallelujah!”, you’re probably getting a little obsessive-compulsive about checking the delivery status.

We’ve heard tons of stories of what shoppers do to stalk track their packages. Everything from refreshing the shipping page every ten minutes to creating detailed spreadsheets so they don’t lose sight of a single delivery. Whatever it is, we’re all guilty of being a tad overbearing as we wait not-so-patiently. Here are a few great ways Slice can help you track your packages, save you time and keep you from becoming an overbearing package tracker.

Automatic package tracking

As you might already be well aware, Slice can automatically track your packages from multiple carriers including UPS, Fedex, UPS, DHL, Ontrac, Lasership and more. By using your shipping emails, Slice can automatically add your tracking numbers and track your packages, so you don’t have to dig through your emails and meticulously refresh the tracking page.
Package tracking page


On the Slice mobile app, you can get updates via push notifications. Mac users can also get desktop notifications, and you can download Slice in the Chrome web store. You can easily access all the information you need about your package and delivery. This way you’re getting only the information you need when you need it.

Manually adding tracking numbers

Not all packages come with an email that gives the tracking number and shipment details. Mom’s care package is as important as anything that comes from Amazon (actually, maybe more important). Most delivery services provide a tracking number on the receipt, which you can manually enter into the Slice app.


Manually add tracking number


If you’re sending packages out or returning a package, you can use the Slice barcode scanner to quickly add your tracking number into your Slice account. When manually adding a tracking number, you’ll notice a scan button that will bring up a barcode scanner. Place the barcode of your package slip into the window and you’ll hear a snap when Slice picks up the tracking number. Works with most of the carriers we support, try it with your Fedex, UPS, USPS and DHL shipments.
Shipment barcode scanner

On the mobile app, use the + button in the bottom corner and you’ll see an option to manually enter your tracking number. You can also do the same on the Slice web app under the shipments tab. It’s also great for tracking numbers Slice might have missed, like tracking numbers sent from eBay sellers or anything else that might be flying under the radar.


Share a shipment

Part of the joy of buying a gift for someone is watching them open it. Although you might be miles or even oceans apart, it’s can be impossible to see their eyes light up or let them know to expect something without ruining the surprise. Sharing shipments lets you and your recipient build that anticipation together. What’s great about sharing the shipment is that they can know when the package is coming but they have no idea what’s inside.


Share a shipment



On the Slice iOS app, you can share a shipment by tapping on the 3 bubble icon of the shipment window. Select “share shipment,” then type in the recipient’s email. You will be given  the option to select a gift icon and leave a short message. On the Slice web app, you’ll find the share shipment link under the Shipments tab. The recipient doesn’t need to be using the Slice app to receive a shared shipment, they’ll get an email from Slice – downloading the Slice app couldn’t hurt, though.


Share shipment button


IFTTT Recipes

The more hardcore trackers might be left wanting more. Maybe you’re not ready to give up your spreadsheets or you’re aching for more features. Then you’ll be happy to know Slice is integrated with IFTTT (If this, then that) which allows almost infinite possibilities. You can start by using pre-made recipes or make your own.

IFTTT / Slice Recipes
Recipes work by providing an if statement (if I receive a tracking number) and a then statement (then add delivery date to Google calendar). You can add them to your to-do list or have it send you a text message upon arrival. Slice and IFTTT allow you tons of flexibility and customization, so you can track your packages any way that suits you. Check out all Slice recipes!